My personal strength

Well until now I’m still trying to become a better person….there are so many temptations , failures etc. around us…..but I always end up going back to the Father….You have to go back to Him coz He is like a big big rock who would shield you from sufferings or hurts….There was a time when I had no decision at all…..Yes, I can do it all by myself….I am a strong person period…. I realized I had to change that….and take the side of truth…. I can’t be strong without God’s help…..that I’m stronger when I side with Him… I find my personal strength by siding with the truth….


Happy people….

I had a lot of fun today….My partner in crime or buddy buddy in school decided to shop at what we call LA in our town….We only have 500 pesos each or about 10 dollars each to buy sooo many items like bags,personal items,accessories, pillow cases, and food like biscuits, sea foods, soya beans,cauliflowers etc….And since we knew how to really ask for some bargains we were able to buy all those things combining all our money for only twenty dollars….Yes….these days it’s like we need to become wiser in buying commodities since we are experiencing financial crisis….and I also notice that there are less shoppers now in most of our stores than before this crisis happened…..So we really need to make some necessary adjustments to cope with this crisis….even in our own little ways….Yeah it’s true when you have so much money you have greater demands but if you have less you learn to just seek for what could be enough for you….Do you think we could apply this to what’s happening to us now?…. Like in the US they produce much, yet… they waste much as well…..with deficits too…..In our country this is happening as well though it’s just one of the many factors we have to blame….

Oh my, while we were shopping I had to bargain and the seller told me…..”Yes Maam I can’t give that price to you if you want let’s just “change roles” here ok?….You’ll be the seller^^ and I’ll be the buyer so I’m gonna buy it already for you^^. ….Well he really made me and my buddy laugh but while we were walking away from him…..I said to myself…..”He is such a loser haha^^”….But that was ok honestly I really am not angry about that coz I knew how hard it is to earn a living nowadays….and these people are just trying to make a decent living in order to support their families….

And as if he had planned his revenge on us^^… buddy accidentally stepped on a sticky substance (the place has so many unidentified objects lying around^^….we can’t afford to shop to first class stores^^)…..”Wait Sollee please step on it…. remove it pls.”…..”Okie okie”…..So I stepped on it….”OMG… stuck on my shoes”…..”Ces pls. step on it too”….”OMG…..Ces said…. it’s too sticky it won’t go”….”Scrub it Sollee”….Oh my^^….we were stranded almost in the middle of the road^^…..

Yeah….we Filipinos are easygoing…..even if we are in the middle of a certain crisis….we still manage to smile because we have so much faith in hope that in spite of some problems we may be facing we know everything will be okay in the end….

Heroes Don’t Lose Faith

It’s really quite difficult to search for a hero in this modern age, in this generation where injustice, poverty, and immorality rule…

I agree with what this certain journalist said about how some leaders in Asia and in other parts of the world lose their “heroic charms” once they can’t change or better yet improve some institutions or systems governing their own people…

Remember the time when Moses despite his good leadership, had experienced instances where his followers had turned away and lost faith and confidence in him… Remember even Jesus Christ with all His heroic acts was even betrayed by His follower and friend Judas, who wanted Jesus as a brave and gallant hero, who would rise up against the Romans and change drastically their system of government back then…Instead Jesus chose to have it peacefully and was crucified as a prize for being a hero, a good man….

Today we have so many good leaders around the world yet their characters change once the system had swallowed their faith, their morality…It’s hard for them to play fair and square…They deal with dirty tactics to get what they want, even in making changes and reforms they deviate from the rules, because the system itself is filthy…If you play it fair, you won’t stay long, you will be crucified too,  just like Jesus……But then, just like Jesus let us think positively and have true faith….. Why not take the chance?…..We need leaders or heroes who don’t lose their faith……Who should be like Jesus……He never gives up until now…..

Being Positive

It really makes a big difference if you have happy people around you…Even if you just live a simple makes you feel satisfied already…

My mother had difficulty walking but it seems like she doesn’t worry much about it…So now I have to show her the same thing…..So we manage to have fun while I was putting a bandage on that part which was aching….it removes some worries we have regarding her condition…

In any endeavor, if we do not love the things that we do…it will be useless…..If you can’t accept some situations you have to face…the more you’ll suffer…
Even if situations don’t seem to become right and nice for us….we should find ways to make things easier for us and face the challenges given to us….maybe at first it’s difficult…but you’ll get positive results if you face everything with courage…..


I’m kinda lonely today my friends..I don’t know why..So I decided to write something about loneliness…

I know I don’t have anything to worry about…God has always been good to us…What could make me feel so sad today?….I’d like to believe that I should be happy….but today I wasn’t feeling well…What is this I’m feeling right now?

Maybe it happens….Like there is this feeling of guilt inside of me that I was trying to deny or there are some things I should have done but I did not…or maybe I just wanted everything to be perfect for myself but they aren’t…Maybe these things happen to all of us don’t they?…

They say loneliness are much deeper than happiness…in a sense that feelings of happiness don’t last long but when you feel the opposite they would haunt you for a long time…

What is happening to me?…Maybe it’s just a matter of attitude..If we take things too seriously..loneliness starts to haunt us ..but if we don’t everything will just be fine..

If you happen to read this post..don’t be sad like me ok?….Sometimes we need to humble ourselves….Forget those ambitions and wants that we’ve lost….Forget that pride coz it makes you not to forget and forgive…..Embrace our defeats and weaknesses to be able to satisfy ourselves….


Some things happen to us because we strive hard for them to happen in the first place. But some things do not happen the way we expect them to be.

No matter how hard we try there are things that are meant for others and not for us though we desperately seek for them.

My friends, I have learned in life that we should not let ourselves solely to decide what’s best for us, rather let the Father make the best decision for us.

Even if you have succeeded in life you should not think of it only as a prize for your hardwork or hardships, rather think of it too as a reward from the One who is the most powerful of all.

Whatever you own now, you can lose if God decides it to be.

Even if you do not work hard for some things if God decides that you should have it, He’ll keep it for you.

Ryump904501986yc0My friends, we are under God’s mercy and love, that is the truth.

Jesus-The Giver of Life

st. joseph, pray for me

What can Jesus do that no other human being has done? We all know the answer- it is to give life to a lifeless human being both physically and spiritually. He is truly a giver of life that no one can’t deny.

My friends, let us ask God to light our lives; to help us do good and practice all virtues, so that the light will forever shine and Jesus will be our infinite abode.

Reflections from Imitato Christi

Only one inspired by the spirit of God could draw such a lively picture of eternal life and of temporal life; and make such a just comparison between the infinite good of the future life and the innumerable miseries of the present life. The future glory and happiness should form the sole object of our desires. If it does not, it is an indication that our faith is weak and our love is burning low.


When Lights Go Out

There are times when we feel that our world has turned dark because of too much frustrations in life. What do you do when you’re in those kinds of situations?

I call those days as dark days or days when lights go out.

I learned from Fr. Benedict Groeschel of EWTN that some people who had tried committing suicide yet had survived it confessed to him that they had experienced an engulfing of their whole being by strong winds of darkness that had overtaken our fragile being. He said that the victims were not able to shield those “strong winds” that hit those confused and weak souls on that dark moment.

My friends, all of us could be victims of that “dark moment”. The key in overcoming the darkening of our well being is God Himself. Let us turn to Him during our dark days.

When Lights Go Out

Save your key

Find your way

I always do

In protecting you

Go back to sleep and don’t worry

You know I’m here, a Good Company…

Let’s celebrate You and me

Give me a hand like Mom and Daddy

I’m not going anywhere

Exit… exit…you won’t exist!

I’m planning to stay

And find my way,

Even when lights are out…

Here are some passages from The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A. Kempis

A true imitator of Jesus Christ is one who is willing to suffer, but who never makes others suffer, who receives, as coming from the hand of God, all spiritual and material trials and tribulations; who patiently bears all adversities which come from the justice of God and the injustice of men; who considers it as a misfortune not to suffer anything for God and for eternal salvation.

Follow your Heart

A lot of us today are guilty; guilty of gluttony, vanity, corruption, sexual abuse, murder, in other words of sins and temptations.

If you are, then there’s one way to ease the pain you’re going through …Follow your heart….the heart that listens….the heart that Jesus loves and protects.

There are lots of people now who commit suicide…Haven’t you noticed?…Why?…and why should you let your self be drown by depression…My friends…listen to your heart…the heart that knows you better than anyone else…I do believe that no one loves you better than Jesus himself…

Even if you think deeply of other things, they’re nothing if you don’t follow your heart…..the heart that accepts you even if you had not proven anything……even if you failed and suffered from shame …listen to the merciful heart of Jesus…..Jesus is that Heart within you that you should follow…

It’s Not My Way

Do you have a favorite song? If yes,what made you listen to it, or to them? Here are some of my reasons…….

I Love The Bands

I love the bands when they play,
They make me laugh and make me cry;
They make me sleep and keep me awake,
And how I love the feelings I get…….

Their music speak of harmony,
When they play the instruments, it’s a mystery!
From old to new, red to blue, they have the mastery;
How seducive they had been to me……

Seducive….Oh yes, they had seduced us in some nice ways…….but……. there was this unfortunate incident in my country a couple of years back. Men got into trouble….and I may say in big trouble by singing a certain song…….

A man was shot to death by one of his drinking buddies because he refused to pass the microphone to them while he was singing the song “My Way”…… He wanted to have “his way” so he was killed by his friend who wanted to have “his way” as well……

The men were intoxicated and were blinded by their self sufficiency or I would say selfishness and greed.

In the song “My Way” there were lines that go….”I did it my way”…..No my friends….It’s not always my way, your way or our ways…..It shouldn’t be……We need the Father to make our lives worthy and meaningful…..We need Him more than He needs us…It’s more of God’s way than My way…….