There was this simple story about neighbors.

The poor man had a rich neighbor and since both have completely different lifestyles, they’re not that too close with each other.

But one day, the rich man got envious of the poor man because he noticed that his children are not as healthy as that of the poor man’s.

He was upset since for him he had given the best for his children so they deserved the best too.

So for the first time he went to his neighbor’s house and asked his secret for keeping his family healthy.

The poor man politely said ” Sir, since we are neighbors, everytime you cook for your family, my children and I could smell the food coming from your kitchen into ours. Because of that, it has increased my family’s appetite for eating. and we thank you Sir for that.”

The rich man said ” Oh, so it means you owe me for I made your family healthy. You have to pay me for that.”

For a while the poor man became silent but managed to say..”Okay Sir, I will tomorrow.”

The next day, the poor man with a small bag of coins that he had saved for his family happily met the grinning rich man.

“Here is my payment, take them Sir”….While the rich man eagerly grabs the small bag with coins, the poor man suddenly held back what he was holding and instead shook the bag noisily enough for the rich man to hear……..” Sir, since I only owe you the SMELL…so I’ll pay you with a SOUND….

My friends isn’t it that we have abused our neighbors because of their ignorance and lack of understanding of their rights…

Many of us are guilty of manipulation, of abuse, we even choose the ones we abuse…

Some of our Kababayans are experiencing poverty because they don’t know their rights. We have killed their future…

What do we do when we helped them. We say, they must thanked us for giving them education, food, shelter, medicine…

We make our poor Kababayans look like dogs…cheering you…praising you…voting for you …because they don’t know their rights, the rules, the laws, the ordinances, etc….You make them pay for the things they own…When are we going to love and honestly serve our people?….When are we going to become good neighbors?…


A Sentimental Journey

Hello…I’ve opened my blog today and I’m so glad that finally I’ll have the chance to share my thoughts to all of you.

I’m enthusiastic as anyone who gets the chance to do this kind of assignment for it’s kind of a sentimental journey so to speak to be able to share one’s experiences in life.

First assignment would be my thoughts about being able to meet people from all walks of life and from other parts of the globe. And since we call this world just a ” small world”, let me start by mentioning my cute young friends by the names of Bill Excellent, a young pretty lass with cute dimples from Vietnam and Andy C. of ZR5 Asian News, a young intelligent Korean blogger, and Johnny Ong, a Malaysian blogger of Life’s Happenings. These three people have one thing in common… “kindness”.. which comes naturally in them….

I felt so blessed to have met such wonderful people…they taught me this very important lesson…it’s not a loss in your part to be able to share what you have to other people…and make them feel accepted and loved no matter who they are and where they came from…