Love that never gives up….

I was touched by a friend’s statement this morning when I read about how he felt when others are not feeling well…..Knowing there are still people who still feel bad when things don’t work well to other people would be just so inspiring…..

We live now in a world where people are confused because no one cares with what happens to other people…..We don’t even care of what other people would say about us…..Yes, everyone is doing this thing so I should do it too…..There’s nothing wrong with it……so you do something even if it is not right……What is good could not be differentiated from what is bad…..Instead we build clouds of confusion to people’s hearts that is why the world is getting smaller and we fail to see the goodness in our neighbor’s heart…..

We all have our ups and downs…..For now we are on top but tomorrow we might not be…..and vice versa…..but never never lose faith in loving our neighbor…..God said to love Him is to love our neighbor…..The only thing that we could do to love Him is to love our neighbor…..both should go together and this world will be a better place to live in…..


Fellowship and love….

We had a half day seminar in school…..We were in “ICU” because my boss got angry when some were not able to make it on time and some were not around…..They have reasons though for not making it… I guess our boss will understand in time^^……

Well it’s quite difficult at times to lead some teachers including me^^……coz we are already stubborn^^…..So if you want to become a school head you’ve got to have lots of patience^^in dealing with your subordinates or fellow  workers….

Well speaking on behalf of my fellow teachers we aren’t really that stubborn^^…..Our boss is just expecting much from us…..because she could really depend on us actually…..I know if ever there will be movements among schoolheads I know she will surely miss us^^…..and we will miss her too……for she has always wanted what’s best for us^^

My School’s Family Profile

Marisol Bliss Elementary School is a small public school located at Brgy. Ninoy Aquino, Angeles City, Philippines with a population of 564 pupils who belong mostly to impoverished families.

Through the years, the school has been struggling in terms of its physical, educational and financial needs,

As most public schools are known to have financial problems, my school suffers also the same state. Families in most public schools cannot afford to contribute to their compulsory PTA contributions

Therefore, our school cannot afford to sustain some of the important needs of our pupils who belong to families with majority of them having below poverty incomes. In the Philippines when you say below poverty line it means earning below 49 pesos which is about a dollar(US dollar) per day. Out of the 564 pupils, 498 of them or almost 90 percent of them live in homes with extended families. The number of members for every family would range from four to eight members who dwell in shanties and with temporary housing settlement. About 40 percent of our pupils are malnourished based on the survey conducted this July in our school.

With these scenario we usually seek support from our friends from the private sector since our government can’t fully support the needs of our schools. Luckily our school has been adopted many times by some private institutions, but still we really wanted real and unselfish support from the government itself.

I hope the government will understand the need to support these children…. I think children in the public schools are more driven to succeed in life since they really see the need to develop themselves as they are already exposed by the many difficulties and challenges in life, whereas, those belonging to affluent families would have to be less driven since everything is offered to them on a silver platter….though we can still find some who are disciplined and know the values of hardwork in achieving success……

We must believe in our children that each of them has a potential to succeed…

Work of God

This morning we had a silent retreat at a small chapel in my hometown…..It was actually my first time to visit the place and I was so blessed to have been there this day…..Sister Vicky our catechist was so generous enough to have us attend the said retreat which I think was just exclusively to those who have been members of the Opus Dei chapel…..Opus means Work and Dei means God…..So those who have been on Opus Dei have served the Father religiously…..I felt like I wasn’t meant to be on that place but Sister Vicky said everyone is welcome on Opus Dei chapel…..

As we reach the place we were asked to do confessions…..I know my co teacher had said that there will be confessions on the said retreat but I didn’t know that it will be done at the first hour of the retreat…..I wasn’t that prepared for a confession but Sister Vicky smiled at me and said…..Go… I did…..

It was a wonderful experience…..Three years ago was my last confession…..I was so thankful to Sister Vicky because she made me humble myself and made me go to confession again…..Yes I’m a selfish person and I apologize…..

Holiness is the aim of Opus Dei…..You don’t have to be a superhero, or a superman to be a saint…..You could be a holy man even if you are just a simple person…..You don’t have to be famous to be one…..God knows who we are and what we feel or how we feel…..Let us offer everything to Him…..We are loved by God… and me^^…..We could be holy in our own little ways…..

Listening from the heart….

I thought of writing something today but I forgot it^^…My friend Cecil had suggested that in order for me not to forget what I want to write I should keep a paper and a pen with me all the time so that whenever a good idea comes out I could jot down everything immediately…or maybe I should keep those ideas in my heart too…^^

Although, last Friday I wanted to share the homily given to us by our parish priest about knowing how to listen to others words of truth ….or listening from the heart….He said many of us could hear but we really don’t know how to listen….Listening from the heart would make you respect the other person he said….That way we will understand each other….Many of us rely mostly on what we know….we have too much pride….and we do not listen well….And when it happens we commit mistakes….and more often we could have avoided those mistakes if we just listened from the heart….

There were students who were present during the mass and somehow they understood the message well….So after the mass I noticed some students becoming more responsible when we had some discussions in the class… they listened from the heart….In a way when you convinced other people to know what is good for them somehow they would  believe though they may not easily show that you had convinced them….Probably if you want people to listen to you or believe in you….you should also respect and believe in them….Respect begets respect….

Listening from the heart therefore is important and equally important would be believing that others would believe in you….and they would definitely listen to you as long as you give them the truth….

Be my Light….

The Catholic church in the Phils. is now planning to provide every Filipino family the chance to have bibles in each of their homes….which is good news to all of us in these times when we feel like some of our kababayans suffer from immorality, depressions, poverty, corruptions etc….According to surveys people no longer acknowledge their faith in God and they think that they draw their strength not from God but by their own self sufficiency….

Yes, to some people it’s becoming quite difficult now to see God’s worth because of the many crimes, injustice, poverty that they are experiencing….Although I still believe deep inside these people still acknowledge God as their light….the One who guides them to continue living, and loving in this world….God be my light….a phrase that we could say in a prayer everyday…..and we will find our way through darkness….wherever you are or in whatever condition you may be right now….say God be my Light….acknowledge Him and don’t ever ever lose faith…no matter what^^…..So God may you be the Light to this wonderful and ever beautiful world^^….

Prayers and reading the bible greatly helps an individual understand his purpose in life….and.the Light will forever shine on us ^^