Jesus-The Giver of Life

st. joseph, pray for me

What can Jesus do that no other human being has done? We all know the answer- it is to give life to a lifeless human being both physically and spiritually. He is truly a giver of life that no one can’t deny.

My friends, let us ask God to light our lives; to help us do good and practice all virtues, so that the light will forever shine and Jesus will be our infinite abode.

Reflections from Imitato Christi

Only one inspired by the spirit of God could draw such a lively picture of eternal life and of temporal life; and make such a just comparison between the infinite good of the future life and the innumerable miseries of the present life. The future glory and happiness should form the sole object of our desires. If it does not, it is an indication that our faith is weak and our love is burning low.



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