Qualities of a Good Friend…

A good friend will not leave you in times of trouble…and even in your success she will be happy for you…She will make you appreciate yourself and help you become a better person…She will try her best not to make you lose youself and instead,help you have greater faith in God…Otherwise, your friendship won’t last if she doesn’t make you believe that you have the capacity to have greater faith in God or be a good human being…



Thank You NyteGoddessBoo

I am deeply honored to have received an award from a fellow blogger….I consider her one of the most sincere writers and poet in the whole blogosphere….Thank you NyteGoddessBoo………………………Sollee

NyteGoddessBoo’s Blog
My Own Lil World Of Things.

Blogging Award (Blogger With Heart Of Gold)
This award goes to
This lady is truly an inspiration. She always sees the good in everything, no matter how hard things are or even seem to be. She has been a great source of encouragement to me and for that I am truly honored to be a part of her community. Her zest and love for life are simple but done with such passion. She always has a kind word, comforting thought, and is always there when for whatever the reason. I can relate to her in so many ways. She stands strong in her beliefs, and always looks at things with an open heart and mind. She never forgets where she come from, the hardships and struggles just to get to where she is at today. You have a gift and I thank you for sharing it with us. May God bless and keep you always.
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The Ultimate Blog Bloom Tag

I got tagged by Mr. Genius Elliot of Everything Kimchi….

The Ultimate blog bloom Tag!

This tag will give you 2 techie points per successful tag. The rules are:

1. Copy and paste the URLs (ALL OF THEM!) on the list and add them to your blogroll (this gives your buddy one techie point)
2. Add your name according to the alphabetical sequence of the list
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Apt 1014
Life in Korea
Everything Kimchi


The Double Tag
RULE: What you are supposed to do… and please don’t spoil the fun… Click copy/paste, delete my answers, type in your answers and tag 4 people in your lists!

(A) Four places I go over and over:

Mt.Samat, Betiz Church in Guagua, Pamp., White House hehe, My hometown^^

(B) Four people who e-mail me regularly:
Some who send viruses^^, 4 of my pupils(I ask them to do so)…..

(C) Four of my favorite places to eat:
LotsA’ Pizza, Point-Point(Turo-Turo), Inside the Bus,At Home(it’s cheaper)

(D) Four places I’d rather be:
South Korea, Japan, Canada, Australia…can I add Vietnam?

(E) Four people we think will respond:
Elliot, Cher, Eden, Chris

(F) Four TV shows we could watch over and over:
CNN news^^, EWTN Daily Mass, Wheel Of Fortune, Jeopardy

I’m tagging:
Iyungwei, Sidney Conservative, Teamaster, A Great Pleasure, Real Town Network Community, Life’s Happening The Alchemist Blog, Randy, and all of you…just for fun…


It’s been raining here in Angeles City since yesterday..Weather news says there’s a storm coming to us this evening..Hope it won’t be as strong as the one that hit Manila two years ago…

I had to postpone some appointments too coz it’s still raining until now…Maybe by Tuesday it will be a fine day already…

Next week, we’ll be praparing for enrolment too for classes will start by June all over the Phils…..Then we shall have the Brigada Escuela wherein parents and teachers work as volunteers together for our schools cleanliness and beautification …It will be a busy month for us now since we will start classes again by the first week of June…

Hope it will be just as last school year that I had a good working relationship with my co- teachers and my boss…. though at times we do have some differences in opinions I still love working with them…But I had to be more caring and more loving with my boss because yesterday a co-teacher had to point me to the bulletin board just to make me remember my boss’ birthday…Oh it was so embarrasing…I didn’t realize that it was her bday coz I thought she just called us yesterday for a faculty meeting…Anyway there were 4 of us who forgot it but then I had wished I had been more sensitive when it comes to those things…

Oh rains had stopped for a while…..but then it will continue again maybe until Monday……but on Tuesday I wish it will be a fine day again…