We should know better…

What is happening to us….We are exposed with sex videos, scandals, pornography, even those which should be kept in private are being feasted upon….It’s a very sad thing….Now even us are guilty because we pass on the videos through our cell phones, through the internet etc. etc….We should know better…..Now most of our young people have cell phones….and we don’t even care of what they see or what they learn…..Let us stop being so malicious, scandalous, impure…..The young people are the ones who will suffer on these things that we do…..


American Idol 2009 winner Kris Allen…

I wasn’t really a follower of American Idol yet I do find Kris Allen the winner so charming^^….and read also about his being such a nice guy….helping out fellow contestants… arrange songs for them etc. etc….now I just wanna share this video of his with his own version of Michael Jackson’s Remember The Time….and I really like it….Wish I had the live performance at AI but I can’t find it at youtube….Kris Allen…Remember The Time

Help Out and Do Your Part

Vox has this campaign which is Every Day is Earth Day on Vox: Help Out & Do Your Part….so here I am and I wanna share some things to you that I learned from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources(DENR) and the National Solid Waste Management Commission(NSWMC)….I chose the following topic because majority of us could contribute to this project…. 

This was about “Proper Segregation of Solid Waste” as was taken from Republic Act 9003 also known as The Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 of the Philippines….

I have been blogging for more than a year now and had observed how people would join hands just to save our planet….In our own little ways we can contribute but first we have to really PRACTICE and DO the following suggestions….

Proper Segregation of Solid Waste

Types of Waste



* Clean and dry paper such as folders, bond paper, newspaper, magazines, etc,

* Corrugated boards, carton boxes of pizza, soap, toothpaste, shoes, etc. 


* Softdrink PET bottles, bottles of mineral water, vinegar, soy sauce, cooking oil, noodles, shampoo, alcohol, etc.

*  Broken monoblock tables and chairs, basin, PVC pipes, and other hard plastics


* Aluminum containers like softdrinks-in-cans, ice cream and biscuit cans etc.

* G.I. Sheet(Yero), aluminum gutter, brass, copper, washer, stainless steel, scrap metal, etc


* Bottles of beer, gin, softdrinks, juice, vinegar, soy sauce, catsup, peanut butter, coffee, etc.

* Broken glasses and bottles

What You Should Do

* Separate white paper from colored paper

* Fold carton boxes to save space

* Do not let garbage collectors gather paper wastes when it rains. Paper, once wet, becomes compostable.

* Let the plastics dry before placing them in a recyclables  container

* Fold or cut the steel to save space

* Place bottles/broken glasses in a sturdy container

one glass color per container

* Wash or soak your plastics, cans, bottles and broken glasses in water recycled from washings to clean and prevent insect infestation




* Dried leaves and grass, plant stems, branches, and cut-offs

* Extracted plants

* Animal wastes


* Leftovers, fruit and vegetable seeds and peelings, etc.

* Seafood shells(crabs, lobsters, clams, etc.)

* Eggshell, fishbone, innards

                            What You Should Do     

* Compost or bury all garden wastes

* If to be collected by authorized garbage collectors, place your garden wastes in tightly tied plastic bags

* Drain/ dry leftovers in plastic bags

* Place leftovers in covered containers( like ice cream cans)

* Plastic and paper bags are not kitchen wastes

III. RESIDUALS (cannot be sold)

* Separate residuals from kitchen wastes and recyclables

* Sharp,  pointed objects should be placed and carefully tied in hard cardboards  to prevent injuring garbage collectors…

*  Place residuals in old plastic bags, NOT in sacks/ cartons…




Saturday is bonding time…..It’s so nice to belong to a big family coz when you get together it’s always like a reunion already….And what else could make the day complete….Of course the kids…..Oh the kids are noisy…but it’s just ok coz they usually are high pitched ^^…..but they surely make our day and our home brighter…..


We’ve had lots of bday celebrations last April and this month of May….and as always those who get so excited are those little kids we have at home…..So during my Mom’s bday we decided to buy balloons so that the kids will have something to spend their time with when the celebration gets to fit in with the old folks….Although my Mom gets her share of “fights” when those kids become “irritable” or noisy already, she was so happy to have the kids around on her bday coz the very first people who greeted her and gave her simple tokens were the kids^^…..My niece Ella even bought a simple hairpin and 3 pieces of snow beer(menthol candy^^) for her grandma….Those little things really mean so much to us…..


Nevertheless we manage to celebrate those special occasions with our love ones….I guess families should be like this always….whether it’s just a simple Saturday like this we should always find quality time with our love ones….even a simple meal and celebration will do….

 cj, ella, marjay

Thank you Mama

My mother is truly the “light” in our home, in our family…She always maintains a positive outlook in life and has taught this as well to her children….She’s a strong woman yet compassionate and understanding….She is “maasikaso” (thoughtful)….until now, she’s already 80 yrs. old she still worries a lot on what should be done at home….She loves serving us even if she isn’t feeling well…..Being a mother is truly a sacrifice on her part and she’s always happy and excited about it….So to you my Mama….Happy Mother’s day….I love you…

happy mother’s day…

Glitter Graphics & Comments

Glitter Graphics & Comments

Happy mother’s day to all our loving mothers….How can we show love to our mothers?….I guess we can’t even surpass the love they have for us….But I have one advice to all the children out there….If you are working already or it is your first time to ever receive a salary from your work….offer some of your first earnings to your Mom, and she will appreciate it very much…maybe even for the rest of her life….don’t forget….you won’t regret it….Again happy mother’s day^^

Face of Christ

There was an old man who begs on the street yet I find some people so kind to him maybe because there’s an effort on his part to sing to those who pass by the street …At least we can consider him as an entertainer as well isn’t it?….Though I had wished that he could be singing somewhere in a  more convenient place rather than on a sidewalk….and that he has a family who takes care of him….

While we were passing by, the old man was trying to check his microphone because I think it has no battery anymore….He said “hello…hello” many times but it has no sound anymore…. And without losing hope he still sang probably his fave song in a much louder voice^^…..

Though he may have entertained people with his singing and maybe he felt that’s the only way for him to survive, still the sight of that man singing on the sidewalk haunts me in a way coz he reminds me of a father or a helpless grandfather who should be taken care of……That’s why I always say that every family should unite and take good care of each other…..

Whenever I see some helpless people that’s when I felt how blessed we have been…..Let’s not forget the people who exert effort despite the hardships they face in life…..Let’s follow Christ…..We’ve got to make our own sacrifices….exert more effort to unite our families and love our brothers and sisters…..Let’s wipe the blood and tears from Christ’ face so that there will be less helpless people on the streets who beg for our love and compassion…..and we will not be haunted by those suffering faces every now and then…..