We always give the best to the ones we love………..

They always say you can’t give what you do not have. Therefore in order for you to have something to offer to others you must have that “something to offer” in the first place.

What is that “something”? That “something”must be “special” or better yet “extra special” in a way to that person you consider giving it to. Another thing is it shouldn’t hurt or harm the other person. If it does then why would you let the other person down, why would you give them something you know isn’t good for them?

While serving others I found out that we only give what’s best for them. Like when I cook for my family I try to give food which could be healthy or beneficial for them. I don’t want them to get sick coz I care so much for them. That’s what I mean in giving the best we have to others… to the ones we love. We sacrifice a lot to offer only the best for them.

Giving them things that they truly need and not only things that they want coz at times there are things that they just want which could be harmful for them. Therefore the giver must know what we truly need rather than what we just want. Now it would be easier if the receiver want only things that she really needs!

In closing, just wanna say we become more fulfilled when we sacrifice ourselves to serve others. When we  listen hard to what they truly need. When we give our best to others all the time and to the ones we love…. they also learn in becoming selfless as well.



a little hope can make us happy^^

I woke up really late this morning…Instead of the usual 4 to 5 am, I woke up at 6:15 already….I was really in a hurry, took a bath (for about 10 mins.), then decided to take my hot coffee in front of my pc (I still have 15 mins to rate for IRMD) ….ahhh the coffee was really hot (and I was in a hurry^^)….so okay putting the cup of hawt coffee close to my mouth and I can ‘t see…oh no I can’t see T_T…Why??? Because my eyeglasses became “foggy” hehe^^ I had to remove the”fog” from my eyeglasses…Remember the coffee was so hot (can we stop heat from evaporating^_~)….Sigh^^….that’s what happens when I wake up late in the mornings^^ Haha ,ako ang “reyna ng sablay”^^

At 10 to 7 I was on my way to school….carrying a big big bag of used clothing that I will give to some parents and pupils in school…..called on the parents to choose what would fit them and just leave behind those that they can’t use….But alas!, okay, they got all they wanted and immediately left, but they left me with something to remember hehe^^ ….I didn’t notice that a one year old child being carried by one of the parents was without pampers hehe….So yes hehe….Okay kids(my pupils) let’s just fix “this” okay?….Any volunteer?….No one volunteered….It was the first day of the class and everyone seems to have had a jet lag or something so ….(planning to clean it myself)…..”No no Maam! I’ll do it”^^, Bryan finally volunteered….

Felt like people would always complain about how unsatisfied they are of their own lives….inspite of the fact that they can have 3 meals a day and can have everything in life…..Still they’re not satisfied….whereas you see some of our poor neighbors lacking in everything….only trying to build a little self esteem for themselves…..

This holiday really got some of us feeling “high” or “low” or something…..Yet life for now is back to normal again….

Elusive freedom…

It’s been two weeks now that we’ve had our classes…slowly the kids are adjusting on the pressures of school…and us teachers too^^….On Friday is our Independence Day…Until now I guess we still do not know how to respect other people’s rights….how to really protect our people from losing their dignity….to be responsible to the gift of freedom given to us….Look at what is happening to us…..to our poor women(victims of sex scandals) who lose their dignity for our own gratification….for our own interests and ambitions….To our poor kababayans who we treat as guinea pigs….better serve them well and stop doing “papogi points” just to show how much we care about them…..in order to win in the next election…..We’ve had enough of dirty politics….and manipulative shows….Do we really care of what is happening to our people?….Why do true freedom and justice remain elusive to us all these years?…..Are we going to wait for the time when our own children will be the ones to suffer from these crimes and immoralities that we commit?…..I’m hoping that we should stop fooling our own kababayans so that they could enjoy the rights and priveleges our own heroes have fought for them….

Face of Christ

There was an old man who begs on the street yet I find some people so kind to him maybe because there’s an effort on his part to sing to those who pass by the street …At least we can consider him as an entertainer as well isn’t it?….Though I had wished that he could be singing somewhere in a  more convenient place rather than on a sidewalk….and that he has a family who takes care of him….

While we were passing by, the old man was trying to check his microphone because I think it has no battery anymore….He said “hello…hello” many times but it has no sound anymore…. And without losing hope he still sang probably his fave song in a much louder voice^^…..

Though he may have entertained people with his singing and maybe he felt that’s the only way for him to survive, still the sight of that man singing on the sidewalk haunts me in a way coz he reminds me of a father or a helpless grandfather who should be taken care of……That’s why I always say that every family should unite and take good care of each other…..

Whenever I see some helpless people that’s when I felt how blessed we have been…..Let’s not forget the people who exert effort despite the hardships they face in life…..Let’s follow Christ…..We’ve got to make our own sacrifices….exert more effort to unite our families and love our brothers and sisters…..Let’s wipe the blood and tears from Christ’ face so that there will be less helpless people on the streets who beg for our love and compassion…..and we will not be haunted by those suffering faces every now and then…..

My personal strength

Well until now I’m still trying to become a better person….there are so many temptations , failures etc. around us…..but I always end up going back to the Father….You have to go back to Him coz He is like a big big rock who would shield you from sufferings or hurts….There was a time when I had no decision at all…..Yes, I can do it all by myself….I am a strong person period…. I realized I had to change that….and take the side of truth…. I can’t be strong without God’s help…..that I’m stronger when I side with Him…..so I find my personal strength by siding with the truth….

Happy people….

I had a lot of fun today….My partner in crime or buddy buddy in school decided to shop at what we call LA in our town….We only have 500 pesos each or about 10 dollars each to buy sooo many items like bags,personal items,accessories, pillow cases, and food like biscuits, sea foods, soya beans,cauliflowers etc….And since we knew how to really ask for some bargains we were able to buy all those things combining all our money for only twenty dollars….Yes….these days it’s like we need to become wiser in buying commodities since we are experiencing financial crisis….and I also notice that there are less shoppers now in most of our stores than before this crisis happened…..So we really need to make some necessary adjustments to cope with this crisis….even in our own little ways….Yeah it’s true when you have so much money you have greater demands but if you have less you learn to just seek for what could be enough for you….Do you think we could apply this to what’s happening to us now?…. Like in the US they produce much, yet… they waste much as well…..with deficits too…..In our country this is happening as well though it’s just one of the many factors we have to blame….

Oh my, while we were shopping I had to bargain and the seller told me…..”Yes Maam I can’t give that price to you if you want let’s just “change roles” here ok?….You’ll be the seller^^ and I’ll be the buyer so I’m gonna buy it already for you^^. ….Well he really made me and my buddy laugh but while we were walking away from him…..I said to myself…..”He is such a loser haha^^”….But that was ok honestly I really am not angry about that coz I knew how hard it is to earn a living nowadays….and these people are just trying to make a decent living in order to support their families….

And as if he had planned his revenge on us^^…..my buddy accidentally stepped on a sticky substance (the place has so many unidentified objects lying around^^….we can’t afford to shop to first class stores^^)…..”Wait Sollee please step on it…. remove it pls.”…..”Okie okie”…..So I stepped on it….”OMG…..it stuck on my shoes”…..”Ces pls. step on it too”….”OMG…..Ces said…. it’s too sticky it won’t go”….”Scrub it Sollee”….Oh my^^….we were stranded almost in the middle of the road^^…..

Yeah….we Filipinos are easygoing…..even if we are in the middle of a certain crisis….we still manage to smile because we have so much faith in hope that in spite of some problems we may be facing we know everything will be okay in the end….

Quality time…

I just wanna share some things to you today my blog….I was glad to have more time in teaching my niece now than before….Yes I was like focus on other things and I forgot to spend quality time with my niece…. She really needs me….I see her interest in learning her lessons…I also admire Ella’s dad, he’s really the one who exert lots of effort in teaching my niece…and what I do to her is just a small effort….unlike what her parents sacrifice for her….Now I realize how important it is to spend quality time with our love ones….I mean it isn’t about being with them all the time or most of the time… but it is how we use the time we have with them….

Say Goodbye To Sin

Have you wondered about the more trash we carelessly threw the more sins and problems we create as well…

I consider sin as a trash…It pollutes a certain place, a certain part within ourselves….If we don’t pick up or acknowledge sins that we have, then we will suffer along the way…Those hardened hearts of ours will become vulnerable and make us suffer slowly and make us feel uncomfortable though we may never admit it…Each of us shouldn’t make a fool of ourselves…The responsibility of doing good rests upon each individual… if you see someone you think could change you and make you a better person…welcome that person in your life…Take a chance…or better yet free yourself from sins…

Being Positive

It really makes a big difference if you have happy people around you…Even if you just live a simple life..it makes you feel satisfied already…

My mother had difficulty walking but it seems like she doesn’t worry much about it…So now I have to show her the same thing…..So we manage to have fun while I was putting a bandage on that part which was aching….it removes some worries we have regarding her condition…

In any endeavor, if we do not love the things that we do…it will be useless…..If you can’t accept some situations you have to face…the more you’ll suffer…
Even if situations don’t seem to become right and nice for us….we should find ways to make things easier for us and face the challenges given to us….maybe at first it’s difficult…but you’ll get positive results if you face everything with courage…..


I’m kinda lonely today my friends..I don’t know why..So I decided to write something about loneliness…

I know I don’t have anything to worry about…God has always been good to us…What could make me feel so sad today?….I’d like to believe that I should be happy….but today I wasn’t feeling well…What is this I’m feeling right now?

Maybe it happens….Like there is this feeling of guilt inside of me that I was trying to deny or there are some things I should have done but I did not…or maybe I just wanted everything to be perfect for myself but they aren’t…Maybe these things happen to all of us don’t they?…

They say loneliness are much deeper than happiness…in a sense that feelings of happiness don’t last long but when you feel the opposite they would haunt you for a long time…

What is happening to me?…Maybe it’s just a matter of attitude..If we take things too seriously..loneliness starts to haunt us ..but if we don’t everything will just be fine..

If you happen to read this post..don’t be sad like me ok?….Sometimes we need to humble ourselves….Forget those ambitions and wants that we’ve lost….Forget that pride coz it makes you not to forget and forgive…..Embrace our defeats and weaknesses to be able to satisfy ourselves….