The Rats

Hello my friends! For a change, my brother asked me not to be too serious in my blog coz readers might get bored with me..hope you’re not..So, I’ve interviewed some members of my family (we’re one big happy family hehe) and asked them..”If you were an animal what would you be and why?”

1. Pipi: A cat-he could make love anywhere and get his mate pregnant, leave the baby with her mother with no strings attached.

2. Tony: A dog-he is man’s bestfriend. He is pampered and have better meal than most of our poor kababayans.

3. Lines: A monkey-he doesn’t get pimples and no need to go to a surgeon for a make-over.

4. Mama : A butterfly-he could kiss anyone with fresh or bad breath without complaining.

5. Ella: A chameleon-he could be flexible and could change its colors if he wishes to.

6. Ate Cecil: None-“Don’t talk to me coz I know you’re expecting me to say that I am a pig hehe.”

7. Iraquis: A bird-Well she did not elaborate why…

8. Jayton: A rooster-Who wouldn’t love it, to be touched gently early in the morning?

9. Tin-Tin: A parrot-She’s like a parrot to her husband hihi..

10. Lorna: A swan:” Oh she’s so lovely like me…”

11. Ofel: I don’t want to be compared to an animal..just compare me to know that wrestler?

12. Tess: A Tiger..He is strong..No, she just like Tiger Woods that’s why..

13. Nona: “Hey Sollee pls. don’t talk to me and help me wash the dishes.”

14. Jaycee: “Can’t talk to him coz he is snoring”..

15. Jaja: A cockroach-Oh that’s all he could say..

16. Sollee: A rat-…….Poor me, they’ve chosen all those animals that I like and all I could think of is a rat. Well, maybe when the world will stop turning and will finally meet its end..I think that the rats are the only animals that could survive from a broken, shattered, and filthy world which was once beautiful, powerful and discriminating….