These past days I was thinking about those people who keep on coming to school just to share what they have to our children…..For the past years we have been blessed with so many gov’t and even non- governmental organizations who had given financial or moral support to our school children…..There were even those who just happen to visit the school only once yet had left something to remember for the kids….There are still so many good people on earth^^…..

Way back there was an old man who played Santa to our kids…..At first some of us even doubted his intention…..We do not even know the man and he offered his chocolates to all of us…..He even asked us to let him distribute the candies himself…..Yes, he wasn’t fake….the candies were fresh…..but still his intention to play Santa was doubted at first…..I just felt like no matter how good your intention is to help others or show goodness to them there are still people who would doubt and won’t easily believe those good intentions you might have….I remember someone who told me….”My father was a soldier…..He told me that I should always consider those people who I do not know yet as my enemy…..and always take extra care in my dealings with other people”….That’s how we look at other people at times isn’t it?….But the good intentions will never ever stop and will continue to pour in…..A retired principal came in a year later giving great books, maps, etc. to our school children…..Then the most giving of all is Sister Vicky….our catechist ….She is just so exceptional…..a living saint I guess…..She gives her heart to the kids… us…..She has a big big heart….She touches our hearts so that we could touch other people’s hearts as well…..That’s what makes her different from the rest……


Farewell and welcome….

Felt so sad today coz my boss is leaving us on July 6th….The new haedteacher will report on the 6th as well….I’m going to miss my old boss…..She has been so kind to me and to my co-workers……She didn’t wanna leave us but she has no option…..I’ll miss you Mam and thank you ^^…..To my new boss….hope he’ll be a good leader as well…..Hope we could really work well for the sake of our students…..not for our own interests only…..really hoping for that….

what we really need….

Oh so many things had happened these past few days…..I was like shocked on some of them…..First Ate Alice my co- teacher and our club president had announced that she will be leaving the service to work in Australia and even get married there by next year….It was really a surprise coz she has been a loyal member of the old maids’ society hehe^^….Next we have another co- worker Weng who is scheduled this year to go to the US to teach there….Ate Lau, Tita Ems, Tita Zen , Fridz all of them are working on their papers to leave the service…to leave the Philippines…..OMG….everybody is leaving!!!!….Then came Michael Jackson’s death…..OMG!!!…..Surprise! Surprise!…..Yes, life is full of surprises…..Nothing is permanent in this world…..People and things would come and go…..Like if someone would go today a new baby will be born tomorrow…..If I or my co -teachers would go, there would be others who would take our place…..

We move to other places to find ourselves…. and when we’re already tired God would tell us to just look into our hearts to see that what we’re searching for in a lifetime is just right there in our precious hearts….

Happiness is deep….

I had a nice chat today with my young friend from Vietnam….She is just so adorable….I hope one day I could meet her in person…..

Today I just stayed home and did some paper works….I still feel a little sad of what happened yesterday….but this will pass I know^^…..

The start of this school year has been a great challenge for me I guess when I got sick…and now just yesterday I lost some of my important documents T_T….but on the other hand I had received lots of blessings after those incidents….Just talking to my friend makes me feel so blessed already….

It’s true for every disappointment we have there will be happiness that will come our way^^….They say sadness is much more deeply felt than happiness….when it hits us we aren’t able to easily recover from it…..and also it could be like we have felt more sadness in our lives than happiness….but now I guess happiness could be as much as deeply felt as sadness…..If you think of the happier times you’ve had then it will be easier to overcome some disappointments…. In a way there should always be a part in your mind and in your heart that tells you that everything that is happening to you whether good or bad has a big big purpose in your life….to make you a better person in the end^^……

Elusive freedom…

It’s been two weeks now that we’ve had our classes…slowly the kids are adjusting on the pressures of school…and us teachers too^^….On Friday is our Independence Day…Until now I guess we still do not know how to respect other people’s rights….how to really protect our people from losing their dignity….to be responsible to the gift of freedom given to us….Look at what is happening to us… our poor women(victims of sex scandals) who lose their dignity for our own gratification….for our own interests and ambitions….To our poor kababayans who we treat as guinea pigs….better serve them well and stop doing “papogi points” just to show how much we care about them… order to win in the next election…..We’ve had enough of dirty politics….and manipulative shows….Do we really care of what is happening to our people?….Why do true freedom and justice remain elusive to us all these years?…..Are we going to wait for the time when our own children will be the ones to suffer from these crimes and immoralities that we commit?…..I’m hoping that we should stop fooling our own kababayans so that they could enjoy the rights and priveleges our own heroes have fought for them….

gifts of love

Weather has been so unpredictable these days….not only these days actually but as always….So we should really know how to cope with weather conditions isn’t it?….And speaking of coping with changes…..we’ve just attended a wedding this afternoon…..and ofcourse there were also changes on the way we celebrate our weddings…..In the exchange of “I do’s”, the bride and the groom used the word “babes” instead of their names to profess their love with each other…..Well anyway that’s what they want to call each other so let us give it to them…..As the priest said, in a wedding the real gift that you’ll receive on that day is your own wife or your own husband…..I think the secret for a marriage to succeed is when you accept your wife or your husband for who he is(be patient with each other)….and help each other grow as husband and wife (support and understand each other)…..And most importantly let God be the center of your marriage… be able to survive trials that will come your way….and you will surely have a happy and worthy union….