Being Positive

It really makes a big difference if you have happy people around you…Even if you just live a simple makes you feel satisfied already…

My mother had difficulty walking but it seems like she doesn’t worry much about it…So now I have to show her the same thing…..So we manage to have fun while I was putting a bandage on that part which was aching….it removes some worries we have regarding her condition…

In any endeavor, if we do not love the things that we do…it will be useless…..If you can’t accept some situations you have to face…the more you’ll suffer…
Even if situations don’t seem to become right and nice for us….we should find ways to make things easier for us and face the challenges given to us….maybe at first it’s difficult…but you’ll get positive results if you face everything with courage…..


2 responses

  1. yr advise there is very true. u must be happy with what you are doing. that’s what i tell the youth in my church, make sure when u grow up, don’t just get a job that makes good money but one that will bring happiness in what you do

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