Go Go 70’s coming soon!

I can’t wait to see this Korean movie…I think it will be shown on October this year…Must be an entertaining movie about the 70’s…

What things remind you of the 70’s?…I was just in my elementary years during the 70’s and I remember wearing bell bottomed pants and listening mostly to the music of American bands…like Eagles, Queen, The Jackson Five and others… and our own Pinoy talents…Judas, Sampaguita, Mike Hanopol, Hajie Alejandro, Hotdogs, Apo Hiking Society, VST and Company…We had back then the martial law in the Phils. so to keep us unaware of the political situations we were then entertained mostly by American artists in most of our T.V. shows…Starsky and Hutch, The Streets of San Francisco, Hawaii Five-O, Bionic Woman, Charlie’s Angels and a lot more…and my sister even had a big Leif Garrett and Shaun Cassidy written all over her jeans….We were a bunch of crazy fans of disco music, of pop music and rock and roll…of Bee Gees, and Saturday Night Fever…Well though I knew then that some of us were enjoying ourselves with the music of the 70’s….deep inside we were secretly aware also of what was happening in our country back then…but somehow it helps if we add some spice in our lives isn’t it?

Though I was just a kid then… I think one of the best decades we’ve had was the 70’s^^


Wouldn’t you like to know….

If you could ask the person you like three questions, what would they be?
Submitted by
meuuy at vox.com

1. Have you eaten?….So that I would know if the guy is willing to spend a meal for me^^

2. Would you like to engage in a fund raising campaign?….So that I will know if he is honest or not^^

3. Will you describe this male model for me? …So that I would know if he is gay or not^^