Love Rules!!!!!!

Just wanna post a photo of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart which was taken at the former’s Cosmopolis movie screening at Cannes Film Festival yesterday….
This was taken after the screening of the movie as Robert and Kristen shared a moment with each other….Love rules!!!!!!!!


We always give the best to the ones we love………..

They always say you can’t give what you do not have. Therefore in order for you to have something to offer to others you must have that “something to offer” in the first place.

What is that “something”? That “something”must be “special” or better yet “extra special” in a way to that person you consider giving it to. Another thing is it shouldn’t hurt or harm the other person. If it does then why would you let the other person down, why would you give them something you know isn’t good for them?

While serving others I found out that we only give what’s best for them. Like when I cook for my family I try to give food which could be healthy or beneficial for them. I don’t want them to get sick coz I care so much for them. That’s what I mean in giving the best we have to others… to the ones we love. We sacrifice a lot to offer only the best for them.

Giving them things that they truly need and not only things that they want coz at times there are things that they just want which could be harmful for them. Therefore the giver must know what we truly need rather than what we just want. Now it would be easier if the receiver want only things that she really needs!

In closing, just wanna say we become more fulfilled when we sacrifice ourselves to serve others. When we  listen hard to what they truly need. When we give our best to others all the time and to the ones we love…. they also learn in becoming selfless as well.


Happy Birthday to Kristen Stewart’s better half Robert Pattinson!

Just wanna say Thank You to Robert Pattinson for loving Kristen Stewart…

Thank you as well for being such a wonderful human being… a good son, brother, friend, boyfriend, actor, singer, musician…

Thank you for  despite all the success you have gained because of hardwork and dedication you have in your work …you remain humble and true…

May the good Lord bless you always and your better half Kristen Stewart…Happy  birthday to you!!!!!!!!


Snow White prefers the White Horse 

During one of our conversations my sister told me about how horses are portrayed as evil or bad in some movies which involved exorcism like in the movie The Rite ( She said that horses are used by demons to possess a person according to some priests who have done exorcism(the act of driving out, or warding off, demons, or evil spirits, from persons, places, or things, which are believed to be possessed or infested by them, or are liable to become victims or instruments of their malice). By these observations I thought of getting more information about horses and how are they symbolized by others. According to this article ( horses symbolize power, grace, beauty, nobility, strength , freedom etc. A horse can serve man in war, can be a tool for mobility, productivity, agriculture, development of all kinds, the Horse is by far one of the largest contributor to the enhancement of civilization. How can we not love horses isn’t it?…. but then  I read on the last part of the article the difference between a White horse and a Black horse. A Black horse is usually meant to cause  mystery, death, night, secret,  a messenger of esoteric knowledge…..while the White horse symbolizes light, sun,day,vitality, illumination, resurrection, a messenger of birth. Therefore we can’t totally conclude that horses are evil animals although we may say that some of them probably the Black horses  have been used by demons when they want to possess their victims! Now I was looking at some photos of Kristen Stewart’s upcoming movie  Snow White and The Huntsman  and in some of her scenes you can see her befriending a White horse which in my opinion isn’t harmful at all coz this time the White horse agrees with Snow White the protagonist of the story I may say. Now this horse could beat the Evil Queen in the story, and it can’t be possessed by Evil coz she is siding with  the Good instead!

how my little reflections make me a softee

This afternoon I had the chance to think about the things I wanted to do in my life be it now or in the near future. I also thought of the things I’ve done in the past and what have I gained through them in a positive way. There were so many good things that had happened and at the same time there were those which haunted me coz I felt I didn’t try my best for them. I was simply a coward at times I might say or I didn’t care enough or I felt they weren’t so important coz I was too arrogant or selfish to act on them. Ofcourse to some people they’re important but bec I was too selfish, …for me they aren’t and I somehow feel guilty about them. Now I am trying to defend myself so as not to feel guilty on some aspects. Sometimes I blame no one but me but sometimes I also blame certain  situations which could have change my attitude on those particular issues that I could have dealt with enough courage. However it’s time to move on coz what had happened had happened so let’s deal with it…move on… I guess I have learned a lot from those issues that have been thrown upon me…Do what you have to do which you think is right and the best way for that matter to be solved…Don’t take shit…I learned this from my fave actress Kristen Stewart…she’s young, she’s not perfect, she makes some mistakes too in her life but what I like most about her ( as witnessed from the many fans and people who’ve known her…  she sticks with what she believes in and acts on them…such a courageous young woman)…I guess that’s what I don’t have at times…I knew that I’m right but I lack the courage to act on them…I worry a lot because I was too selfish…lacking  passion on the things I love to do . I need to do and I should do…Yes passion and conviction…and not to forget compassion…coz if you don’t have compassion selfishness sets in and it’s for me more of a hindrance to be able to understand others and accept their situations and help them in what they need…for their own benefit!

On the other hand if you think you are still confused with a lot of things and you have your own  fears in making decisions in life seek also God’s guidance and love…and as I always say He’ll provide us enough courage to fight and settle our issues in our everyday life! God bless everyone!

Kristen Stewart and the Gentleman

Two lovely women, Kristen Stewart and Shin Min Ah

I just love American actress Kristen Stewart and Korean actress Shin Min Ah. Two such lovely, adorable, and talented women who come from different sides of the globe yet both remain true to themselves and humble despite the fame and fortune bestowed on them as famous actresses.

So glad to know that there are still like these two great women in the world of entertainment.

Sharing with you now some lovely photos of them.

Thank you to kstewartnews on twitter,  ck commercial,  and others:)  for the photos…

I Heart You

Glad I’m back! So many things had happened, at home and in school, everywhere^^. As always I was learning each day. There are so many good things to learn each day.We could learn from each other.

As a teacher it has been a struggle for me to have this important virtue which is  “patience”.  If I’m not patient enough inside the classroom where most of my time is spent I would have find another job to do!  So as much as possible I keep my cool in every “temptations” I encounter. Yes, not only in school that I get to be tested with my patience  but also in other situations like “when waiting for a turn to come” in the grocery store, in a restaurant,  etc. etc. Once there was a traffic jam that might have taken too long before its normal flow got back in order again, yet fortunately those who were involved in the traffic jam managed to give way to the other commuters unselfishly. At that time I said to myself “probably on that very moment all the owners of those vehicles possess this value of “patience” or they’re like angels that God had sent on earth.

And speaking of angels, I heart two amazing and talented actors and lovebirds named Robsten or Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart:) The reason why I like them is because they love their fans and show gratitude to them and they are so beautiful inside and out and I don’t blame a lot of people for loving them. Here’s a photo of them at this LA convention for their movie Eclipse a few months ago. Hoping for more success for this cute and loving couple.

In closing I would just like to say we all pass through some stages in life where we experience laughter, sadness, pain, love , anger yet through it all we learn from  those experiences.  So it’s so important to possess virtues of patience and love in everything we do. Have a big big heart.

like fresh flowers and leaves….

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted something on my blog. There comes a time when you just feel like there’s no need for you to write everything that’s happening around you or at times you just need to do something different from what you usually do.

It’s nice to know though that when you find yourself quiet at times it is also the time when you feel like you are somewhat rejuvenated or refreshed to start to do something new or go back to the things that you love to do. Right now I was motivated to write again unlike in the past days. I feel like yeah life is like a wheel. No matter how far we’ve gone or had travelled, it seems to me we always go back to be refreshed and start dealing with our lives (although we may be in different, difficult,  or complex situations) back to how simple things  had been.  It seems to me too that  however wiser we are now with all the experiences we’ve had in the past still we are like neophytes, like rookies who need to go back  or start all over again in order to be more rejuvenated,more  motivated , or  better inspired. It’s  like  cutting a stem from a plant and let it start to grow again or have a new plant from the original.

In closing just want to share with you some pictures that I enjoy looking at these days because of the promises of life, hope, and love in them.


Just love Kristen Stewart

I love Kristen Stewart. She is just so natural and cute and shows sincerity in what she does. I heard that she also aspires to become a writer someday despite her being such a good actress.Well I guess she is good in everything she does so I wish her good luck and may she achieve great success in the future! I also love her with Robert Pattinson by the way. Good luck to her career and her love life!