Quality time…

I just wanna share some things to you today my blog….I was glad to have more time in teaching my niece now than before….Yes I was like focus on other things and I forgot to spend quality time with my niece…. She really needs me….I see her interest in learning her lessons…I also admire Ella’s dad, he’s really the one who exert lots of effort in teaching my niece…and what I do to her is just a small effort….unlike what her parents sacrifice for her….Now I realize how important it is to spend quality time with our love ones….I mean it isn’t about being with them all the time or most of the time… but it is how we use the time we have with them….


Thank God It’s Friday

Thank God, it’s Friday^^….woke up early without much pressure and I’ve finished some paper works as scheduled though I know there will be more coming up next week…..well we just have to take them one at a time^^

Sigh….I miss my friend Azure^^….I know he must be very busy in school….Such a nice guy to miss^^….Hope he’s having great time in school and with his schoolmates^^

I remember when I was a student I would spend much time researching and researching….OMG…we need to have much patience in doing assignments and projects etc….

Though it’s really fun to be in school^^….