It’s always there……

Just thought of comparing plants to us humans in some ways that I understand…

I love plants…I love taking care of them …Even if we only have a little space in our backyard to grow plants still I manage to grow some of them in pots….and it was so fulfilling…

When I was just a kid I tried to plant an apple seed at the back of our house coz my late Father would always tell me that whatever plant or seed you place under the ground it will surely grow…but then ofcourse he also told me that plants have certain characteristics that we should consider in order for them to survive….like how it will adapt to its climate, to its soil , to the quality of the plant itself etc….

Still I was so stubborn…I believed in what he said that whatever seed or plant you put into the soil it will surely grow…So I place an apple seed on the soil and observed it for days…Then something sprouted and I told myself that it was really a young apple tree… I told all members of my family not to cut it whatever happens but my brother told me that it isn’t an apple plant…He said we can never grow apple trees in our place because of our climate…apples only grow to places with cold climate… so he cut it much to my dismay…later on I realized that he was right coz how come I’ve never seen any of our  neighbors and our neighboring towns grow apples in their backyard…From then on I gave up in growing apples in our  backyard….

Plants are like us humans in a way….No matter how we try to blend with our surroundings, to adapt to other cultures in order to understand other people still we go back to the basics….Maybe some can change their whole persona and embrace the changes in them yet we can’t totally erase what’s inside us ….what’s inside us is permanent…it’s solid….it’s unbreakable…even if we deny it and claim that it’s no longer in us….in my humble opinion what or who we really are will haunt us for as long as we live….



out of love

love is great


How do you read a newspaper? Well as for me I try to choose only what I need to read. Ofcourse there are some bad news and good news in a newspaper and we can’t help but to view the bad news as well yet I always look for the good news first before reading the bad news^^I just find it so unfair when people sensationalize the news and it’s always been that way.

I thought about this because I wonder why we love to criticize or ostracize people. Why do we never care about other people’s feelings just to make our news the best news in the world. Why do we always compete with one another. “Our nation is better than your nation. Our people are better than your people”. I just wonder why we can’t be fair with each other.

We all have our own hidden agenda. We don’t do things out of love instead we do things only for our selfish interests. That’s why we try to pull each other down instead of promoting what’s best for each other.

Love your neighbor as our Father says. Forget our hidden agenda. Do things out of love not out of selfishness.

deal with a smile^^



For the past three days I’ve been working on some school papers including some personal documents that I had lost three weeks ago…..Now I am almost done with them but there will be more to submit for the coming days….As we finished with the old reports new ones are on the way^^…..There’s no time to procrastinate I guess^^…..Well maybe proper time management will do…..


Tomorrow we’ll be rehearsing for my co-teacher’s 65th bday…..Oh she is just so groovy…..She wanted to see us do something really special for her on her bday…..This old lady really never gets old actually…..Always young at heart…..Hope I could be like her when I’m already 65^^…..


I just felt like in order to cope with the pressures that come our way everyday……let’s always wear smile on our faces…..You’ll find yourself becoming frustrated if you deal with your problems too seriuosly^^…..Be a softee… can’t tame your problems or others if you yourself is coming out too strong…..It’s like “a plant can stand still even in a soft soil”……it will just depend on how you nurture it….how you take care of it… a nice and caring manner…..

what we really need….

Oh so many things had happened these past few days…..I was like shocked on some of them…..First Ate Alice my co- teacher and our club president had announced that she will be leaving the service to work in Australia and even get married there by next year….It was really a surprise coz she has been a loyal member of the old maids’ society hehe^^….Next we have another co- worker Weng who is scheduled this year to go to the US to teach there….Ate Lau, Tita Ems, Tita Zen , Fridz all of them are working on their papers to leave the service…to leave the Philippines…..OMG….everybody is leaving!!!!….Then came Michael Jackson’s death…..OMG!!!…..Surprise! Surprise!…..Yes, life is full of surprises…..Nothing is permanent in this world…..People and things would come and go…..Like if someone would go today a new baby will be born tomorrow…..If I or my co -teachers would go, there would be others who would take our place…..

We move to other places to find ourselves…. and when we’re already tired God would tell us to just look into our hearts to see that what we’re searching for in a lifetime is just right there in our precious hearts….

Happy people….

I had a lot of fun today….My partner in crime or buddy buddy in school decided to shop at what we call LA in our town….We only have 500 pesos each or about 10 dollars each to buy sooo many items like bags,personal items,accessories, pillow cases, and food like biscuits, sea foods, soya beans,cauliflowers etc….And since we knew how to really ask for some bargains we were able to buy all those things combining all our money for only twenty dollars….Yes….these days it’s like we need to become wiser in buying commodities since we are experiencing financial crisis….and I also notice that there are less shoppers now in most of our stores than before this crisis happened…..So we really need to make some necessary adjustments to cope with this crisis….even in our own little ways….Yeah it’s true when you have so much money you have greater demands but if you have less you learn to just seek for what could be enough for you….Do you think we could apply this to what’s happening to us now?…. Like in the US they produce much, yet… they waste much as well…..with deficits too…..In our country this is happening as well though it’s just one of the many factors we have to blame….

Oh my, while we were shopping I had to bargain and the seller told me…..”Yes Maam I can’t give that price to you if you want let’s just “change roles” here ok?….You’ll be the seller^^ and I’ll be the buyer so I’m gonna buy it already for you^^. ….Well he really made me and my buddy laugh but while we were walking away from him…..I said to myself…..”He is such a loser haha^^”….But that was ok honestly I really am not angry about that coz I knew how hard it is to earn a living nowadays….and these people are just trying to make a decent living in order to support their families….

And as if he had planned his revenge on us^^… buddy accidentally stepped on a sticky substance (the place has so many unidentified objects lying around^^….we can’t afford to shop to first class stores^^)…..”Wait Sollee please step on it…. remove it pls.”…..”Okie okie”…..So I stepped on it….”OMG… stuck on my shoes”…..”Ces pls. step on it too”….”OMG…..Ces said…. it’s too sticky it won’t go”….”Scrub it Sollee”….Oh my^^….we were stranded almost in the middle of the road^^…..

Yeah….we Filipinos are easygoing…..even if we are in the middle of a certain crisis….we still manage to smile because we have so much faith in hope that in spite of some problems we may be facing we know everything will be okay in the end….

My School’s Family Profile

Marisol Bliss Elementary School is a small public school located at Brgy. Ninoy Aquino, Angeles City, Philippines with a population of 564 pupils who belong mostly to impoverished families.

Through the years, the school has been struggling in terms of its physical, educational and financial needs,

As most public schools are known to have financial problems, my school suffers also the same state. Families in most public schools cannot afford to contribute to their compulsory PTA contributions

Therefore, our school cannot afford to sustain some of the important needs of our pupils who belong to families with majority of them having below poverty incomes. In the Philippines when you say below poverty line it means earning below 49 pesos which is about a dollar(US dollar) per day. Out of the 564 pupils, 498 of them or almost 90 percent of them live in homes with extended families. The number of members for every family would range from four to eight members who dwell in shanties and with temporary housing settlement. About 40 percent of our pupils are malnourished based on the survey conducted this July in our school.

With these scenario we usually seek support from our friends from the private sector since our government can’t fully support the needs of our schools. Luckily our school has been adopted many times by some private institutions, but still we really wanted real and unselfish support from the government itself.

I hope the government will understand the need to support these children…. I think children in the public schools are more driven to succeed in life since they really see the need to develop themselves as they are already exposed by the many difficulties and challenges in life, whereas, those belonging to affluent families would have to be less driven since everything is offered to them on a silver platter….though we can still find some who are disciplined and know the values of hardwork in achieving success……

We must believe in our children that each of them has a potential to succeed…

The Incredibles

They say as we grow older we become more sensitive^^

A week ago my grandson Jaja was scolded by his Lolo Turing, his great grandpa…..just because of a “misunderstanding”^^….

It’s because of “The Incredibles”^^….

Lolo Turing can’t hear well anymore because he needed to have a hearing aid already….So when he was asking Jaja…..”My grandson, what are you watching right now?”…..Jaja softly said “The Incredibles”….But Lolo Turing didn’t hear so he asked Jaja again of what movie he was watching….Jaja got irritated and said aloud…”The INCREDIBLES!”….but still Lolo Turing couldn’t hear^^…OMG…he needed a hearing aid already^^… he asked again…..”Hey….what are you watching?”…..Jaja had a really big big voice and shouted “THE INCREDIBLES!!!!!”……OMG….his great grandpa really got so angry that there were smoke in his ears and held Jaja and spanked him many times T_T…..”You little brat….you don’t respect me anymore!!!”, he angrily said….and so he hit Jaja and he just stopped when he saw Jaja’s Mom crying already….

I think Lolo Turing’s becoming too sensitive….that’s what we concluded including Jaja’s Mom….

So now everytime great grandpa asks Jaja about anything….the little boy would come close to grandpa’s ears and would tell him anything he was asking….haha^^….Oh my…how much is the hearing aid btw^^….Well we all experience “misunderstanding” most of the time isn’t it?….Well it’s because we give meaning to those we should’t give meaning to….and at times we don’t give meaning to those that we should give meaning to^^…..Oh life^^…..Still I think life is so sweet,wonderful, amazing, incredible^^

“In the eternal words of Freud, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”…..or a postcard is just a postcard and it only means what it was created to mean and nothing more”… my friend AzureWolf…


I just heard a sad news this evening about the passing away of the father of a Filipino actor who just had a comeback in the Philippines because of his ailing father after living in the US for so many years….and now his father had passed away….He had the chance to be with his father on the last days of his life…..I hope the father would rest in peace and his son will be ok….even without him….

We have to let the Father decide on what’s best for us….

Life Is Beautiful

Indeed, life is beautiful…..Imagine how those little creatures survive despite the bad weather we have every now and then…..Imagine how ants would bump into each other, then you would see them trying to make “bayanihan” pulling together a “gigantic” food they had discovered!…..How some sparrows would even stay on high voltage wires without getting electrocuted and enjoy every minute of it….How little kids would understand each other when they play even without talking…..Life is beautiful!

We live in a world where love and hate dwells yet love survives despite of it all….We live in doubts, in worries, even in turbulence yet hope could erased them all….Life is beautiful…

If you cry now it doesn’t matter for tomorrow your tears will all be gone….there is a mystery, a beautiful mystery beyond those tears of yours that you have yet discovered…

Life is beautiful more than you could ever imagine!