my fave fanmade videos for Robsten :)


Robsten-Digital Painting

Robsten-Just The Way You Are

and thank you to all the wonderful people behind these videos…more power to you:)


love is wonderful :)

It’s been a while :)….It’s nice to write something again on this blog:)

Five days to go before Christmas….a time to celebrate love within our families, our relatives, love ones, neighbors….

So many sad stories had taken place to some and happy times with others….yet through it all we must remember Someone’s is up there who sees all these things happening to us….The Real Santa who teach us the true meaning of LOVE …..who loves us unconditionally…..and will always be there through good times and bad times…..

So I just want to say it’s really really so nice to see people learning to love one another….like the love between two lovers… within husbands and wives…..siblings, friends, and others….It really makes the heart beat perfectly….and  it’s the most wonderful feeling you could ever experience….Let’s put a smile on other’s faces….let’s share our love to others not only in this season of Christmas but always….