Be my Light….

The Catholic church in the Phils. is now planning to provide every Filipino family the chance to have bibles in each of their homes….which is good news to all of us in these times when we feel like some of our kababayans suffer from immorality, depressions, poverty, corruptions etc….According to surveys people no longer acknowledge their faith in God and they think that they draw their strength not from God but by their own self sufficiency….

Yes, to some people it’s becoming quite difficult now to see God’s worth because of the many crimes, injustice, poverty that they are experiencing….Although I still believe deep inside these people still acknowledge God as their light….the One who guides them to continue living, and loving in this world….God be my light….a phrase that we could say in a prayer everyday…..and we will find our way through darkness….wherever you are or in whatever condition you may be right now….say God be my Light….acknowledge Him and don’t ever ever lose faith…no matter what^^…..So God may you be the Light to this wonderful and ever beautiful world^^….

Prayers and reading the bible greatly helps an individual understand his purpose in life….and.the Light will forever shine on us ^^


What makes a person complete…

It’s been quite a while and I haven’t listened to Fr. John Corapi and Fr. Benedict Groeschel of EWTN….Both are charismatic priests and they send messages of hope and love to others…Fr. Corapi speaks with authority coz he has so much passion in him but deep inside he is a softee and his weakness is Jesus Himself….Fr. Benedict is a softee too but he has a “hidden power” that makes people listen to him despite that weak voice of his…there is authority behind that softee image…and that authority comes from God….These men never cease to love Jesus…they are His’ voice…a voice that men should follow….A man becomes wiser when he listens to the Father…he becomes a fool when he doesn’t seek God…I could tell because I feel foolish when I can’t do what God wants me to do….I feel blessed on the other hand if I listen to His voice…Therefore seek to be wise….it’s never too late to be wise….really wise…