responsible for you


Today we had the La Naval feast in Angeles City in honor of our Blessed Virgin Mary….Angeles City has survived many crises including the Pinatubo eruption in 1991…and managed to stand again after 1991 with the guidance of the Blessed Virgin Mary our Queen and God Himself….The people in Angeles City never forget to give back whatever they have to the Father…. Angelenos continue to show their faithfulness to God….Most of the well to do Angelenos are involved in charity work….They knew how necessary it is to really be responsible to those who needed their support….not only in Angeles that we can see generous Filipinos….but also all over the Philippines….so I’m proud to be a Filipino…. I was so happy to have seen how Filipinos help each other in times of need….Many Filipinos have suffered from the back to back typhoons we’ve had just recently, there were flooding, landslides, mudflows in some of our provinces and cities….but as Filipinos we decided to join hands to help those who have suffered from such calamities…. There were however some of our kababayans who were victims of typhoons and other calamities who said some of them were never rescued when they needed the help of their fellow Filipinos….For me the worst thing we can do to others who needed our help is when we we don’t do anything to help them….and to those who never cared if their kababayans will suffer or not…. The crises we are experiencing right now like the flooding, landslides etc.are due to our being inconsiderate of the welfare of others….although some were really concerned of others ,some would not mind even if they had to sacrifice nature just to satisfy their personal interests…..God said we are all responsible of each other….So if you did some actions against the welfare of our kababayans… should change for the better….On the other hand doing nothing when you know you should have save someone’s life….then you should change for the better too….


Loving Oneself

OMG…..why would men drink too much then they just don’t know how to handle themselves afterwards……

Just a while ago I really got scared of some neighbors who were intoxicated and use the road as a place to continue their drinking spree…..Then I heard a big noise!…..One of them even tried to drive and had almost hit a man walking on our  street…..How irresponsible!

I remember when I was just a student, there was a time when I had to pretend to stop at someone else’s gate just to avoid a drunk stranger while I was going home….

What is happening to this society of ours…..

Why do we have to let ourselves suffer, then let others suffer too….Love yourself…..Wake up and be good to yourself and to those around you….