Opening of classes will be next month already in the Phils….Some students I know are excited to be back to school again…Even teachers are coz they they will be working again with young people who usually are fun to be with inspite of their being so aggressive and stubborn at times…but then they could also break their teachers’ hearts…

There were times when I was thinking of what if I had chosen another job instead of being a teacher coz at times kids could really make you lose your temper, but then when I think of my role as a teacher in molding the values of the youth, I would tell myself, that would be enough not to change my mind…Just think of dealing with many students with different personalities…,definitely,is not an easy task..There were even times when some students would open up to you and tell you all of their heartaches, and you try to help them, but then you get so frustrated coz some parents would not even bother to help their children solve their problems …I even had a student who once said to me ” I wanted to die already ” and cried in front of me…Who wouldn’t be crushed with that kind of a statement?…Then you talked to the parent and the answer you get was…” If you want to adopt my son then go…adopt him so that I won’t have problems anymore.”…I wanted to clean my ears to make sure what I heard was true…But that was what I heard…

I hope this coming shool year I won’t be hearing those haunting statements again…coz they really are so painful..really painful…



There was this simple story about neighbors.

The poor man had a rich neighbor and since both have completely different lifestyles, they’re not that too close with each other.

But one day, the rich man got envious of the poor man because he noticed that his children are not as healthy as that of the poor man’s.

He was upset since for him he had given the best for his children so they deserved the best too.

So for the first time he went to his neighbor’s house and asked his secret for keeping his family healthy.

The poor man politely said ” Sir, since we are neighbors, everytime you cook for your family, my children and I could smell the food coming from your kitchen into ours. Because of that, it has increased my family’s appetite for eating. and we thank you Sir for that.”

The rich man said ” Oh, so it means you owe me for I made your family healthy. You have to pay me for that.”

For a while the poor man became silent but managed to say..”Okay Sir, I will tomorrow.”

The next day, the poor man with a small bag of coins that he had saved for his family happily met the grinning rich man.

“Here is my payment, take them Sir”….While the rich man eagerly grabs the small bag with coins, the poor man suddenly held back what he was holding and instead shook the bag noisily enough for the rich man to hear……..” Sir, since I only owe you the SMELL…so I’ll pay you with a SOUND….

My friends isn’t it that we have abused our neighbors because of their ignorance and lack of understanding of their rights…

Many of us are guilty of manipulation, of abuse, we even choose the ones we abuse…

Some of our Kababayans are experiencing poverty because they don’t know their rights. We have killed their future…

What do we do when we helped them. We say, they must thanked us for giving them education, food, shelter, medicine…

We make our poor Kababayans look like dogs…cheering you…praising you…voting for you …because they don’t know their rights, the rules, the laws, the ordinances, etc….You make them pay for the things they own…When are we going to love and honestly serve our people?….When are we going to become good neighbors?…

Fatal Move

It was terrible. Some drug addicts had been suspects to the tragic death of a Capampangan icon in Angeles City in my country.

Too bad, it happened when the old woman was already in her 80’s and still was hammered and stabbed to death by a young suspected addict.

Maybe, that person who committed the crime was remorseful of it by now, when he is no longer under the influence of drugs.

These terrible acts are no longer surprising in this kind of society we have.

As more and more rich and influential people are involved in drug pushing and smuggling we can’t stop these crimes from happening.

I really felt so bad because some Filipino values are already forgotten by our youth who are supposed to be the hopes of our nation.

To all the rich and influential who are into drug dealing and smuggling, please, have mercy on our people and our youth.

Your harmful actions always lead to other harmful or fatal actions.


Four days ago we celebrated Christmas and it was truly a “Merry” Christmas to us Filipinos and to our beloved brothers and sisters all over the world. We are a people who love to celebrate Christmas just like other nations as well. We would do our best to celebrate it regardless of our status in life. God must have been delighted about it. He was able to unite us on a very special day.

Yes, admit or not, we all want others to remember us at least even on our “special” day. I’ve never known a man who hated the feeling of being cared or loved. Even a sinner who feels he isn’t loved would be glad if on his natal day or in his most cherished ocassion he would be remembered. Yes, even a sinner would be delighted…….just to be remembered…….just to be remembered…….

Crossroads?…….but there are crossroads…..

Since birth Jesus had taken the right path for us to follow…..but others were stucked on the wrong road. The path that is steep and painful as was described by a German writer. Or maybe much more than that. A road that is painful for you would be left behind, neglected, condemned,…… completely forgotten……..but it should not be…….

The loneliest people in the world are those who have chosen the wrong road and still are stucked on it. They need to be saved. They need our compassion,…..our LOVE….. …Think of them my friends…….let us remember them as God wants us to do so…….

An Unforgettable Journey

Hello again my dear readers….let’s be sentimental for a while… Why not talk about a little of my colorful past…..I wanna share this article I wrote when I was about to enter college…..

The Stranger That I Have Loved

It was a quiet afternoon…I was lying on the floor, eyes glued on our TV set … The movie was like I would describe it then as a “silent picture”. Although I wouldn’t understand any word from it, how i’d loved to see those movements, especially hers. There she was a beautiful woman with expressive eyes, whose expressive eyes had touched my heart…. And I told my self, at a very young age I had known when and how to feel fondness even to a stranger…. But like a little girl who had outgrown a toy, the fondness that she left from me suddenly vanished.

Years had passed, changes have come and gone. With sad and happy experiences I would say I had matured much since that “quiet afternoon”. Life then it seems to me was more colorful, more dramatic, added to my own more matured attitude. And it must be true that life is like a ferris wheel coz I saw this stranger again…Seeing her again was more of a sad experience though… …….I couldn’t believe that this woman who had captured my heart in the past died in a drowning accident. The news was on TV and it was also there where I first loved her…. I remember some lines in the poem that I wrote for her…..

“What in the world did I know about her?
All I knew was she married twice her lover
And even though I was a young fourth grader
I knew then that love still lasts forever…

This woman after all was not just a stranger to me…She turned out to be a model, an inspiration, and most of all,…a friend….a friend who taught me how to love and be loved and all the things she fought for will always remain in my heart forever……..