A Mother’s Perspective

My friends, it’s not Mother’s Day today yet I wanted to dedicate my thoughts to a certain mother I had known in the past. A mother who gave her best in loving her children. Actually, she is somebody else’s Mom but I want to let her know that I admire her for being such a wonderful Mom.

A Mother’s Perspective

When mother was still a child,her Mom used to pamper her;
But then she grew up unspoiled, and knew the things she must offer…

She married father eagerly, and learned to sweep, clean, and cook,
And blessed with daughters of three, but missed all the fun she had refused.

Left her kids to someone’s concern, to feel the joy she left behind..
She went her way and in return, missed all her kids she wished to find…

Then one day while she was working, boss was busy throwing a frown;
But a phone call brought some relief, her daughter’s fever had come down…

All at once the news she receivedbecame important than a man’s greed…
Suddenly she realized that,Being a mother puts some things,In a wonderful perspective.

Finally, to my own Mama….I love her so much…She’s getting old already, turning seventy nine years old this year…….

To My Mama

Remember the time when I was thirsty
You gave the last drop of milk for me…
When I was throwing tantrums at night
You sang all the songs to make me alright
When I had to receive a communion
You sewed the best dress I had known
When my world turned upside down
You and Dad had been my clowns
When I had to go my way
Both of you made me stay

My Mama……..You’re the best……We love you……..