Love Rules!!!!!!

Just wanna post a photo of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart which was taken at the former’s Cosmopolis movie screening at Cannes Film Festival yesterday….
This was taken after the screening of the movie as Robert and Kristen shared a moment with each other….Love rules!!!!!!!!


We always give the best to the ones we love………..

They always say you can’t give what you do not have. Therefore in order for you to have something to offer to others you must have that “something to offer” in the first place.

What is that “something”? That “something”must be “special” or better yet “extra special” in a way to that person you consider giving it to. Another thing is it shouldn’t hurt or harm the other person. If it does then why would you let the other person down, why would you give them something you know isn’t good for them?

While serving others I found out that we only give what’s best for them. Like when I cook for my family I try to give food which could be healthy or beneficial for them. I don’t want them to get sick coz I care so much for them. That’s what I mean in giving the best we have to others… to the ones we love. We sacrifice a lot to offer only the best for them.

Giving them things that they truly need and not only things that they want coz at times there are things that they just want which could be harmful for them. Therefore the giver must know what we truly need rather than what we just want. Now it would be easier if the receiver want only things that she really needs!

In closing, just wanna say we become more fulfilled when we sacrifice ourselves to serve others. When we  listen hard to what they truly need. When we give our best to others all the time and to the ones we love…. they also learn in becoming selfless as well.


Happy Birthday to Kristen Stewart’s better half Robert Pattinson!

Just wanna say Thank You to Robert Pattinson for loving Kristen Stewart…

Thank you as well for being such a wonderful human being… a good son, brother, friend, boyfriend, actor, singer, musician…

Thank you for  despite all the success you have gained because of hardwork and dedication you have in your work …you remain humble and true…

May the good Lord bless you always and your better half Kristen Stewart…Happy  birthday to you!!!!!!!!


Oh RK :)……Someone To Watch Over Me…….

Someone  To Watch Over Me

There’s a saying old says that love is blind
Still we’re often told, seek and ye shall find
So I’m going to seek a certain lad I’ve had in mind
Looking everywhere, haven’t found him yet

He’s the big affair I cannot forget
Only man I ever think of with regret
I’d like to add his initial to my monogram
Tell me, where is the shepherd for this lost lamb?

There’s a somebody I ‘m longing to see
I hope that he turns out to be
Someone who’ll watch over me
I’m a little lamb who’s lost in the wood
I know I could always be good
Someone who’ll watch over me

Although he may not be the man some
Girls think of as handsome
To my heart he carries the key
Won’t you tell him please to put on some speed
Follow my lead, oh, how I need
Someone to watch over me

I just love this song and I wanted to say there are wonderful things  in Robsten that make us believe in  love, in caring, in friendsship…How I love to see them smile and stare at each other with so much passion and love…They are sooo adorable…Oh RK , you are a cute couple!…May you continue to watch and support each other on and off the camera…

etc. etc. ^_~

….I’ve been busy for the past month in school as well as in tweeting about Twilight and anything about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart :)….so I wasn’t able to update for a while….I even watched the movie Eclipse and probably watch the other 2 installments of Twilight in the future…Maybe that’s a major change in my life lol….going back to watching movies again^__~

Although busy with Robsten I’m also trying to keep up with the activities in school….and five days a week I try to do and finish all my work in school before I go home and accomplish my responsibilties back home as a good daughter to my mother and a sister to the rest of the family…I’m just living a simple and normal life as always….with a little “fan thing”(robsten lol) here and there…..having fun with co workers….etc^_~….and the learning process never ends….and it makes you a better person each day:)

like fresh flowers and leaves….

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted something on my blog. There comes a time when you just feel like there’s no need for you to write everything that’s happening around you or at times you just need to do something different from what you usually do.

It’s nice to know though that when you find yourself quiet at times it is also the time when you feel like you are somewhat rejuvenated or refreshed to start to do something new or go back to the things that you love to do. Right now I was motivated to write again unlike in the past days. I feel like yeah life is like a wheel. No matter how far we’ve gone or had travelled, it seems to me we always go back to be refreshed and start dealing with our lives (although we may be in different, difficult,  or complex situations) back to how simple things  had been.  It seems to me too that  however wiser we are now with all the experiences we’ve had in the past still we are like neophytes, like rookies who need to go back  or start all over again in order to be more rejuvenated,more  motivated , or  better inspired. It’s  like  cutting a stem from a plant and let it start to grow again or have a new plant from the original.

In closing just want to share with you some pictures that I enjoy looking at these days because of the promises of life, hope, and love in them.