Understanding Love

Some people learn their lessons the hard way. Some learn theirs the easy way. When it came to love I learned my lessons the hard way.

It was painful..Really painful..The guy thought I wasn’t hurt but I was. But I’ve learned to forgive and forget.

When we parted ways I knew it was for the best. It really was for I’ve finally realized my mistakes, my foolishness, my selfishness.

I thought I knew how to love but no….I was in love with myself more than I love him. The guy knew it more than I did and so I had no idea that it was over….finally it was over…

Today both of us just laugh about what happened to both of us. We have learned to forgive and forget. I don’t think I can forget him. He made me learn lessons of what true love is.

Wherever you are…I wish you all the best…and I thank you for making me understand what love truly is…


Forever Grateful

We are what we are today because of some people who had shaped our lives and helped us fulfill our dreams. I for one is fortunate to have been blessed with loving and generous souls.

I want to thank God for giving me loving parents a daughter or a son could have, and for giving me someone who I consider very special for she gave me unconditional love.

It happened one day, considering then that she isn’t a relative or a close family friend but just a concerned neighbor of ours, when she asked my parents permission to help me financially in my studies and let no one know about it except my family. They told her she was most welcome and made them the happiest parents on earth.

We were then financially unstable because of my late father’s disease and my parents too much generosity.They could have been financially stable back then coz my father had a really good and worthy job but he chose not to be coz like I’ve said he was too generous and loving that he never in his entire life saved for himself but gave all that he had to his relatives, to the needy, and his own family.

He was very hospitable that even when he was already sick, whenever someone visited him he made sure that the person would leave with a pot of roses or flowers with them (he was a lover of plants)as a gesture for visiting him coz we couldn’t give food or money anymore to those who usually visit us as we used to do back when we were still stable.

My beloved benefactor probably had known my family’s generosity that she chose me as one of her beneficiaries in her long list of philantrophic acts.

During my four years in college almost all my needs were provided by her. She didn’t ask us to repay her rather told me to do to others what she did for me, and I did in my own humble way.

She was awesome, wonderful, one in a million.

Two days ago I had a long conversation with her. She’s still the same person I had known years ago but much older now. No matter how old she is I still love talking to her. She remains selfless and generous as ever. I just hope I had made her proud of me coz I feel l have a long way to go to do what she had done for me.

To you Ima I am forever grateful and I love you…

Love Makes Sense

OMG..I dreamed of Bae Yong Joon last night..You know this Korean actor? Oh must have been the result of my infatuation on everything that is Korean.

About this fascination, I really don’t know why..Well maybe because of what my friend Azure( who I really admire and like so much ) had said about synchronicity, and suddenly some things just crossed my mind ..Well he gave the right meaning to it and I have made my own explanations for it..Hope I make sense though.

One reason for my infatuation could be, like me, Koreans love using adverbs….. lovingly, hurriedly, passionately, Sollee( I ofcourse ), Dong Gun Lee, Mi Sook Lee, Hyori Lee, Young-Ae Lee……and all those Lee’s out there….And my friends think that I look like a Korean or maybe because my eyes had turned sleepy because of too much time spent in uploading Rain and Shin Min ah’s pictures, Korean songs etc., hehehe…

But kidding aside I know these things shall pass, like any other infatuation….but something really happened more importantly in between those browsing and uploading of Rain’s photos. I’m glad to have met people like Azure, Bill, Andy, Johnny Ong, Jean Chia, Nyte, NyteGoddess, Teamaster, Jo, Ronald Lee, Franx, and a lot more for they help me grow to a more mature individual that I am today..I love you my friends and you have a special place in my heart…
I saw this simple poem on myspace….

I wrote your name in a piece of paper,
but by accident I threw it away.

I wrote your name on my hand,
but it washed away,

I wrote your name in the sand,
but the waves whispered it away,

I wrote your name in my heart ,
and forever it will stay……..https://sjtl.files.wordpress.com/2008/04/6drt08j63.jpg

Fatal Move

It was terrible. Some drug addicts had been suspects to the tragic death of a Capampangan icon in Angeles City in my country.

Too bad, it happened when the old woman was already in her 80’s and still was hammered and stabbed to death by a young suspected addict.

Maybe, that person who committed the crime was remorseful of it by now, when he is no longer under the influence of drugs.

These terrible acts are no longer surprising in this kind of society we have.

As more and more rich and influential people are involved in drug pushing and smuggling we can’t stop these crimes from happening.

I really felt so bad because some Filipino values are already forgotten by our youth who are supposed to be the hopes of our nation.

To all the rich and influential who are into drug dealing and smuggling, please, have mercy on our people and our youth.

Your harmful actions always lead to other harmful or fatal actions.

A Young Girl’s Hope

015121_753718273_tjyjlwbk_3Last night while I was watching Philippine Idol ( Pinoy version of American Idol ), a young contestant had painfully moved not only my heart but of the judges hearts as well.

Not only that I praise her beautiful voice, I also admire her proven self-worth and that great hope within her.

She reminded me of a good friend way back in high school named Sophia. Her handicap did not stop her in pursuing her goals and dreams in life….just like…Sophia.

Sophia could see, unlike her, but she walked with the aid of braces in both of her legs. She had difficulty going up and down the stairs when we were studying. I became her friend and was always by her side whenever we transfer from one building to another, and when she goes home for a ride.

While thinking of her, I thought of the good things she had done to show that she is just as youthful, strong, reliable, dependable like us.

Lastly, one of the many unforgettable moments I had with her was when she volunteered to sing to the whole class(to actually save us from a certain punishment in one of our classes),despite her nervousness and her fear of being mocked, she wholeheartedly sang a meaningful song to us..”You Needed Me” by Anne Murray. Until now, I still remember how she fought the odds and sang with all her heart. We felt so ashamed of what she did for us after that. We could have volunteered in her place but we were cowards.

Now, I miss her so much…I miss her love, generosity, courage, and most of all..that great hope in her I am trying to have until now.

The Rats

Hello my friends! For a change, my brother asked me not to be too serious in my blog coz readers might get bored with me..hope you’re not..So, I’ve interviewed some members of my family (we’re one big happy family hehe) and asked them..”If you were an animal what would you be and why?”

1. Pipi: A cat-he could make love anywhere and get his mate pregnant, leave the baby with her mother with no strings attached.

2. Tony: A dog-he is man’s bestfriend. He is pampered and have better meal than most of our poor kababayans.

3. Lines: A monkey-he doesn’t get pimples and no need to go to a surgeon for a make-over.

4. Mama : A butterfly-he could kiss anyone with fresh or bad breath without complaining.

5. Ella: A chameleon-he could be flexible and could change its colors if he wishes to.

6. Ate Cecil: None-“Don’t talk to me coz I know you’re expecting me to say that I am a pig hehe.”

7. Iraquis: A bird-Well she did not elaborate why…

8. Jayton: A rooster-Who wouldn’t love it, to be touched gently early in the morning?

9. Tin-Tin: A parrot-She’s like a parrot to her husband hihi..

10. Lorna: A swan:” Oh she’s so lovely like me…”

11. Ofel: I don’t want to be compared to an animal..just compare me to Undertaker..you know that wrestler?

12. Tess: A Tiger..He is strong..No, she just like Tiger Woods that’s why..

13. Nona: “Hey Sollee pls. don’t talk to me and help me wash the dishes.”

14. Jaycee: “Can’t talk to him coz he is snoring”..

15. Jaja: A cockroach-Oh that’s all he could say..

16. Sollee: A rat-…….Poor me, they’ve chosen all those animals that I like and all I could think of is a rat. Well, maybe when the world will stop turning and will finally meet its end..I think that the rats are the only animals that could survive from a broken, shattered, and filthy world which was once beautiful, powerful and discriminating….

Your True Friend


I’m a little bit bothered
Why do you like me?
With me you’re just dreaming
But still you wanted to sing

I had captured your heart
But then had ruined your life
I made you looked smart
Then made you act so stupid

Why?..Why?…you couldn’t escape
Your thoughts of me won’t fade
I guess you should forget me
Coz now I’ve made you crazy!

Don’t use me…. forget me!
I’ve killed your friends and family
Don’t bless me..curse me!
I’m not your friend. but your ENEMY

Today I had my thoughts on one of man’s worst enemy….. illegal drugs…..Until now most of our youth are still embracing the use of them….. But I do believe that it’s never too late to change our ways..only if you choose your true FRIEND….Trust me my friends…God is our friend…Choose Him if you want to lead a peaceful life……forget the ENEMY….it’s never too late…it’s never too late….May God Bless Us All….

Making A Difference

2587412ct2Some of us were born rich and some the opposite. Some of us grew up from ideal families but others did not. That’s just the way things are, the way they were, but we could make a difference as we walk through life.

So you look at the things around you and try to observe what is truly happening.

The rich becomes richer, the poor becomes poorer. Why? We haven’t really thought about making a difference and share the blessings given to us. We are too selfish, aren’t we?

If you have the means, the influence or power, don’t be too proud of that, rather be kind to the impoverished and the powerless. Help them realize their dreams so that just like you they could make a big difference in this world.