Follow your Heart

A lot of us today are guilty; guilty of gluttony, vanity, corruption, sexual abuse, murder, in other words of sins and temptations.

If you are, then there’s one way to ease the pain you’re going through …Follow your heart….the heart that listens….the heart that Jesus loves and protects.

There are lots of people now who commit suicide…Haven’t you noticed?…Why?…and why should you let your self be drown by depression…My friends…listen to your heart…the heart that knows you better than anyone else…I do believe that no one loves you better than Jesus himself…

Even if you think deeply of other things, they’re nothing if you don’t follow your heart…..the heart that accepts you even if you had not proven anything……even if you failed and suffered from shame …listen to the merciful heart of Jesus…..Jesus is that Heart within you that you should follow…


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