Happiness is deep….

I had a nice chat today with my young friend from Vietnam….She is just so adorable….I hope one day I could meet her in person…..

Today I just stayed home and did some paper works….I still feel a little sad of what happened yesterday….but this will pass I know^^…..

The start of this school year has been a great challenge for me I guess when I got sick…and now just yesterday I lost some of my important documents T_T….but on the other hand I had received lots of blessings after those incidents….Just talking to my friend makes me feel so blessed already….

It’s true for every disappointment we have there will be happiness that will come our way^^….They say sadness is much more deeply felt than happiness….when it hits us we aren’t able to easily recover from it…..and also it could be like we have felt more sadness in our lives than happiness….but now I guess happiness could be as much as deeply felt as sadness…..If you think of the happier times you’ve had then it will be easier to overcome some disappointments…. In a way there should always be a part in your mind and in your heart that tells you that everything that is happening to you whether good or bad has a big big purpose in your life….to make you a better person in the end^^……



I just heard a sad news this evening about the passing away of the father of a Filipino actor who just had a comeback in the Philippines because of his ailing father after living in the US for so many years….and now his father had passed away….He had the chance to be with his father on the last days of his life…..I hope the father would rest in peace and his son will be ok….even without him….

We have to let the Father decide on what’s best for us….