The Other Side Of Things

Sometimes what we see is not always the real thing….we should seek deeper to see the other side of things….

Have you seen the documentary “The Other Side of Beijing” wherein they showed some parts of China which are found just near the prestigious site where the Olympics was held,  and considered as some of the poorest places they have in their country….If you happen to visit the other side of the glamorous Olympic’s site….you would enter into those shanties which seem like the squatters area we can see in Tondo, Manila in the Philippines….It reminds me too that we cannot really say that we are a super powerful country just because we could host the Olympics…..if some of our people suffer from poverty…Don’t you think so?….

This is happening too in my country as well….I remember way back in the 80’s when we hosted an International Film Festival in Manila…They had to rush things to finish the construction of a Film Center but then something happened to this site as it crashed and some workers were trapped inside yet were still alive…but then Imelda Marcos  who was the first lady then forced the workers to continue with the construction disregarding those who were still alive in the crashed site….And until now every time we host some ASEAN meetings they had to relocate shanties who could be a not so pleasing view to be caught by the eyes of foreign visitors….Isn’t it a shame?….I don’t know why we have to hide the truth…..sometimes I am guilty of this too….We can’t humble ourselves….we are so afraid that we might not be accepted for who we are….I hope we could really face the truth and be proud of who we really are….


In Love I Was Home

A home is a place where love and understanding dwell….where I could come back after a hard day’s work….or after a long absence when I had left to find myself…..where I could belong and no one will judge me for who I am…..where I keep coming back for more…..where the food, enough or not enough tastes sweet,…. and I could sit and sleep comfortably….where I can’t let go…’s not necessarily my own home….it could be somewhere else where I feel loved and understood….

Loving Oneself

OMG…..why would men drink too much then they just don’t know how to handle themselves afterwards……

Just a while ago I really got scared of some neighbors who were intoxicated and use the road as a place to continue their drinking spree…..Then I heard a big noise!…..One of them even tried to drive and had almost hit a man walking on our  street…..How irresponsible!

I remember when I was just a student, there was a time when I had to pretend to stop at someone else’s gate just to avoid a drunk stranger while I was going home….

What is happening to this society of ours…..

Why do we have to let ourselves suffer, then let others suffer too….Love yourself…..Wake up and be good to yourself and to those around you….

A Loving Godchild

I had the opportunity to visit my godchild after a long time of not doing so….”how cold hearted I had been” T_T…..Though when I finally visited her she was asleep and they wanted to wake her up but I told them not to do so coz she looked so tired…..and I don’t wanna bother…..though I know if she’ll see me she’d be so very happy coz I know she misses me much^^…..

In a way I felt like,  though we don’t see each other that much….I still feel closer to her as her godparent….

She was actually born deaf…..yet every time I see her she always gives me a message which is so clear….and that is she needs me and I am so important to her…..though I haven’t given her much attention and love,  she always consider me as special in her life…..and I thank her for that…..

“Love cures people, both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it. -Dr. Karl Menninger”

Thank God It’s Friday

Thank God, it’s Friday^^….woke up early without much pressure and I’ve finished some paper works as scheduled though I know there will be more coming up next week…..well we just have to take them one at a time^^

Sigh….I miss my friend Azure^^….I know he must be very busy in school….Such a nice guy to miss^^….Hope he’s having great time in school and with his schoolmates^^

I remember when I was a student I would spend much time researching and researching….OMG…we need to have much patience in doing assignments and projects etc….

Though it’s really fun to be in school^^….

What I Learn From Kids

Yesterday while I was still at the school’s gate my students already told me that the mother of one of their classmates had passed away….And after the class they were all in a hurry to leave just to be with their classmate….

I see kids as like the clear waters, I feel them like the fresh air, I smell sweet flowers when I’m with them…..

Their dignity will always be as clear as the waters, their love will  always be as fresh as the air, their innocence as sweet as the flowers….

Hope we could all be like these kids….

Humility….My Turning Point

A Happy Tune On A Lazy Afternoon

Teardrops fell on my pillow
One lazy afternoon
While I listen to a sad song
After playing the spoons

So I kept my mind busy
And tried not to be lonely
Kept the teardrops off my pillow
And sang a happy tune

A few years back I was so very lonely….I thought the pain in my heart won’t leave me…..I kept hurting myself…..I thought I knew better……Then I humbled myself….I asked our Father to forgive me…..I realized how selfish I had been…..When I finally humbled myself…..that was the turning point……The blood in my teardrops were gone……Instead I noticed a “star” formed from my teardrops…..Though I still cry every now and then….there was not much pain anymore on some tears that I shed…..Humility has healed my wounds…..

A Quote To Live By

Life is what happens when we are busy making other plans”……

While it is necessary to plan for the future, it is equally important to live at the moment…..people are becoming too anxious of what will happen to them in the future and forget to realize that living the moment matters most and their presence today is a gift that they should learn to appreciate…..So live the moment with hope, love, faith…….