Our lovely cute couple Robsten :)

Awwww! How can we not love R/K ? They’re soooo cute together.I just sooooo love them 🙂

So I decided to post some old photos of them again:)…..and probably more and more in the future 🙂


God knows our names and He loves us!

Yes it’s true God loves us and He knows our names as Fr. John Corapi, a Catholic priest  said. Here is video of him telling us about his conversion from being a sinner to becoming a man of God. It is never too late to seek the mercy of God. During this lenten season may we be able to strengthen our faith in God and trust in Him with all our heart and soul. As a sinner as well I know how God loves me unconditionally and we need Him to guide us always in everything we do.

My Fave Twilight’s Awesome Trio

I love the Twilight movies not only because of the unique love story it offers but also because of the charm of its three main stars….Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner….I guess the three have the biggest part or contribution in making this  saga a success….Kristen Stewart with her passion and dedication as Bella, both  Robert Pattinson’s and Taylor Lautner’s undeniable charms that make women from all walks of life see and follow them….I guess their charms would also come from their being such normal and humble kids as well….Now we see them work in different movies besides Twilight and it seems like these three are showing signs of choosing the right paths for their careers…. I just hope they would be handled well and  will remain good kids coz there are lots of temptations in Hollywood as we know….Thank God also that these awesome trio have each great families to turn to ifever pressures and tensions would set in in their public life as actors….So seeking support from our own families is still important in the lives of our entertainers no matter how successful they have been….So to my fave twilight trio I heart you for taking pride in loving your own families as well:)

Belated Bday Greetings to Kristen Stewart

Back again:) I just wanna thank everyone who might have visited SJTL Weblog:)…..Thank you for reading!

Last April 9 was Kristen Stewart’s special day!  So belated Happy Bday to Kstew….You are a beautiful person inside and out….I admire your being so sincere as a person….Thank you for the HAPPINESS you’ve  shared with the fans….As you grow a little older now may you find it more challenging  to aim for what you really wanted to do in your life be it with your career or personal life…..Continue doing what you love to do and be strong always…..and God bless you!!!!

Not Just another Birthday,
But quite a grand event,
And here, to greet you, Twenty-One,
These wishes are now sent..

May happiness go with you,
May all your hopes come true,
And in the most delightful ways
May life be good to you!
Happy 21st!!

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