Some things happen to us because we strive hard for them to happen in the first place. But some things do not happen the way we expect them to be.

No matter how hard we try there are things that are meant for others and not for us though we desperately seek for them.

My friends, I have learned in life that we should not let ourselves solely to decide what’s best for us, rather let the Father make the best decision for us.

Even if you have succeeded in life you should not think of it only as a prize for your hardwork or hardships, rather think of it too as a reward from the One who is the most powerful of all.

Whatever you own now, you can lose if God decides it to be.

Even if you do not work hard for some things if God decides that you should have it, He’ll keep it for you.

Ryump904501986yc0My friends, we are under God’s mercy and love, that is the truth.


A Sentimental Journey

Hello…I’ve opened my blog today and I’m so glad that finally I’ll have the chance to share my thoughts to all of you.

I’m enthusiastic as anyone who gets the chance to do this kind of assignment for it’s kind of a sentimental journey so to speak to be able to share one’s experiences in life.

First assignment would be my thoughts about being able to meet people from all walks of life and from other parts of the globe. And since we call this world just a ” small world”, let me start by mentioning my cute young friends by the names of Bill Excellent, a young pretty lass with cute dimples from Vietnam and Andy C. of ZR5 Asian News, a young intelligent Korean blogger, and Johnny Ong, a Malaysian blogger of Life’s Happenings. These three people have one thing in common… “kindness”.. which comes naturally in them….

I felt so blessed to have met such wonderful people…they taught me this very important lesson…it’s not a loss in your part to be able to share what you have to other people…and make them feel accepted and loved no matter who they are and where they came from…