Happy people….

I had a lot of fun today….My partner in crime or buddy buddy in school decided to shop at what we call LA in our town….We only have 500 pesos each or about 10 dollars each to buy sooo many items like bags,personal items,accessories, pillow cases, and food like biscuits, sea foods, soya beans,cauliflowers etc….And since we knew how to really ask for some bargains we were able to buy all those things combining all our money for only twenty dollars….Yes….these days it’s like we need to become wiser in buying commodities since we are experiencing financial crisis….and I also notice that there are less shoppers now in most of our stores than before this crisis happened…..So we really need to make some necessary adjustments to cope with this crisis….even in our own little ways….Yeah it’s true when you have so much money you have greater demands but if you have less you learn to just seek for what could be enough for you….Do you think we could apply this to what’s happening to us now?…. Like in the US they produce much, yet… they waste much as well…..with deficits too…..In our country this is happening as well though it’s just one of the many factors we have to blame….

Oh my, while we were shopping I had to bargain and the seller told me…..”Yes Maam I can’t give that price to you if you want let’s just “change roles” here ok?….You’ll be the seller^^ and I’ll be the buyer so I’m gonna buy it already for you^^. ….Well he really made me and my buddy laugh but while we were walking away from him…..I said to myself…..”He is such a loser haha^^”….But that was ok honestly I really am not angry about that coz I knew how hard it is to earn a living nowadays….and these people are just trying to make a decent living in order to support their families….

And as if he had planned his revenge on us^^…..my buddy accidentally stepped on a sticky substance (the place has so many unidentified objects lying around^^….we can’t afford to shop to first class stores^^)…..”Wait Sollee please step on it…. remove it pls.”…..”Okie okie”…..So I stepped on it….”OMG…..it stuck on my shoes”…..”Ces pls. step on it too”….”OMG…..Ces said…. it’s too sticky it won’t go”….”Scrub it Sollee”….Oh my^^….we were stranded almost in the middle of the road^^…..

Yeah….we Filipinos are easygoing…..even if we are in the middle of a certain crisis….we still manage to smile because we have so much faith in hope that in spite of some problems we may be facing we know everything will be okay in the end….


4 responses

  1. yes it’s true..investors suffer nowadays and have no choice but to give in to the demands of the buyers..though i guess those who suffer much are the small investors and our poor consumers..

  2. lele apo… oh i miss those days when i go there straight from work…

    i like happy people… i like positive people… i admire them more than those who always have something to complain about…

    i like your blog… it’s a happy blog… sana you’ll blog more often… i hope to visit more often too…

  3. Thank you Betchay^^…Sana katulad mo marami rin akong maisulat…Thank you for those kind words^^..Wa anga ngeni dacal pupunta Lele Apu..sana pasyal ka naman minsan^^….Thanks again for dropping by!

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