It’s Not My Way

Do you have a favorite song? If yes,what made you listen to it, or to them? Here are some of my reasons…….

I Love The Bands

I love the bands when they play,
They make me laugh and make me cry;
They make me sleep and keep me awake,
And how I love the feelings I get…….

Their music speak of harmony,
When they play the instruments, it’s a mystery!
From old to new, red to blue, they have the mastery;
How seducive they had been to me……

Seducive….Oh yes, they had seduced us in some nice ways…….but……. there was this unfortunate incident in my country a couple of years back. Men got into trouble….and I may say in big trouble by singing a certain song…….

A man was shot to death by one of his drinking buddies because he refused to pass the microphone to them while he was singing the song “My Way”…… He wanted to have “his way” so he was killed by his friend who wanted to have “his way” as well……

The men were intoxicated and were blinded by their self sufficiency or I would say selfishness and greed.

In the song “My Way” there were lines that go….”I did it my way”…..No my friends….It’s not always my way, your way or our ways…..It shouldn’t be……We need the Father to make our lives worthy and meaningful…..We need Him more than He needs us…It’s more of God’s way than My way…….


A Mother’s Perspective

My friends, it’s not Mother’s Day today yet I wanted to dedicate my thoughts to a certain mother I had known in the past. A mother who gave her best in loving her children. Actually, she is somebody else’s Mom but I want to let her know that I admire her for being such a wonderful Mom.

A Mother’s Perspective

When mother was still a child,her Mom used to pamper her;
But then she grew up unspoiled, and knew the things she must offer…

She married father eagerly, and learned to sweep, clean, and cook,
And blessed with daughters of three, but missed all the fun she had refused.

Left her kids to someone’s concern, to feel the joy she left behind..
She went her way and in return, missed all her kids she wished to find…

Then one day while she was working, boss was busy throwing a frown;
But a phone call brought some relief, her daughter’s fever had come down…

All at once the news she receivedbecame important than a man’s greed…
Suddenly she realized that,Being a mother puts some things,In a wonderful perspective.

Finally, to my own Mama….I love her so much…She’s getting old already, turning seventy nine years old this year…….

To My Mama

Remember the time when I was thirsty
You gave the last drop of milk for me…
When I was throwing tantrums at night
You sang all the songs to make me alright
When I had to receive a communion
You sewed the best dress I had known
When my world turned upside down
You and Dad had been my clowns
When I had to go my way
Both of you made me stay

My Mama……..You’re the best……We love you……..


My friends, let us continue leading a simple and meaningful life as it should be.

A few years back I wasn’t who I am now. I was completely foolish caused by my lack of faith and love to the Father. I was very sick emotionally and spiritually. I was like an actress who is destined to be doomed at the end of a tragic movie. Totally lost and dissatisfied with my own life, there were nights when I had cried blood, but no one seemed to notice that I was suffering. To even hide my pain and loneliness, I tried to make others happy by acting as a joy-bringer, but those things weren’t enough to heal my ill feelings and stupidity. I was blinded by my selfishness and so I separated myself with our Father. I still considered myself incomplete even if I had the love of my family and friends. I didn’t know who I was and how precious I am. I continued to show love to family and friends but I wasn’t good to myself….until….finally it was over……A miracle happened in my life because of God’s unending mercy and love…….

The story of the “Prodigal Son” is true. Let us come back to the Father ….We are so dear to Him. He knows our ways, how we think, feel, and walk through life….He knows our strengths and weaknesses……The Father will decide on what’s best for us in the end.

If you ever decide to come back to the Father…….He will prepare a feast for you just to welcome you back.

Lead a simple yet meaningful life. It is never too late my friends…..Again and again…..I always say…….WE ARE SO LOVED BY GOD…………..(:

New Contest at ZR5 Asian News

Friends I’m glad to invite all of you to join a fun contest at ZR5 Asian News created by my friend Mr. Andy ……

What is the Meaning of ZR5?

Written on January 8, 2008 – 12:33 am | by andy |

The Contest

Here is a fun contest to celebrate the New Year.

Does anyone know what ZR5 means or represents? Take a guess and you can win a great prize!!

How to Enter

There are many ways you can enter. You can enter as many times as you want and you can combine any or all ways of entering.

1) Simply leave a comment here with your guess.

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The Truth

To be completely honest, I don’t even know what ZR5 means. When I bought the domain name,
I just liked it because it’s nice and short. The winner will be chosen
by me and I will pick the most creative and the one that fits this blog
the most.

The Drawing and the Prize

The drawing will be held on January 27th at 11am Eastern time. I guess now you want to know about the prize.

The prize is this wonderful Korean snack called ‘Homerun Ball’.
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The Rose

Friends we all need to be inspired, don’t we? So today I hope I could inspire you by telling you something about the rose.

Do you know why roses have thorns? God provided thorns for the rose in order to protect it from any harm. If God povided the best protection for a rose , the more He will provide for humans for we are far better than those roses. God loves us so much…..(:

How could we lose hope my friends….Don’t lose hope…..even if the pain is too much, don’t lose hope……God has chosen to be crowned with Thorns in order to protect His Roses…..