Respect Yourself

Respect Yourself

I think it’s quite difficult to convince other people to believe in you if you yourself find it hard to respect yourself and other people.

Some people think that when they have it all ….power, intelligence, money, career, beauty, they already deserve respect from others.

No,…. it’s not just because you have lots of friends, you’ve given yourself a name, you’ve traveled around the world, you’ve had so many experiences in life, you’ve got an expensive car, a mansion……N o…… You are absolutely wrong….Those are not the requirements in gaining true respect and love from other people.

You should learn to love and truly accept others regardless of their status in life, race, religion, upbringing, and education…

Once I read a story of how a celebrity would love to make it big in Hollywood….he is a Korean….

Some people would laugh at his English I may say while trying to learn the language. …I was just wondering why would you laugh at someone who is trying hard to make himself better to be understood and learn a certain language.

There are some people who glorify themselves just because they knew more or are better speakers or writers, or well educated than others…..If that Korean would say “All you English speaking people speak in Korean or Chinese instead of English does he have the right to do so?”

Some people are educated but are not cultured and some are not educated yet cultured…. Some people do to others the things they don’t want to be done upon them by others….An old saying from Confucius to Jesus Christ yet most people had not taken it to their hearts and are disrespectful towards their neighbors.

My friends how can you respect others if you do not know how to love and follow the golden rule.?



Some things happen to us because we strive hard for them to happen in the first place. But some things do not happen the way we expect them to be.

No matter how hard we try there are things that are meant for others and not for us though we desperately seek for them.

My friends, I have learned in life that we should not let ourselves solely to decide what’s best for us, rather let the Father make the best decision for us.

Even if you have succeeded in life you should not think of it only as a prize for your hardwork or hardships, rather think of it too as a reward from the One who is the most powerful of all.

Whatever you own now, you can lose if God decides it to be.

Even if you do not work hard for some things if God decides that you should have it, He’ll keep it for you.

Ryump904501986yc0My friends, we are under God’s mercy and love, that is the truth.