Fatal Move

It was terrible. Some drug addicts had been suspects to the tragic death of a Capampangan icon in Angeles City in my country.

Too bad, it happened when the old woman was already in her 80’s and still was hammered and stabbed to death by a young suspected addict.

Maybe, that person who committed the crime was remorseful of it by now, when he is no longer under the influence of drugs.

These terrible acts are no longer surprising in this kind of society we have.

As more and more rich and influential people are involved in drug pushing and smuggling we can’t stop these crimes from happening.

I really felt so bad because some Filipino values are already forgotten by our youth who are supposed to be the hopes of our nation.

To all the rich and influential who are into drug dealing and smuggling, please, have mercy on our people and our youth.

Your harmful actions always lead to other harmful or fatal actions.