Two lovely women, Kristen Stewart and Shin Min Ah

I just love American actress Kristen Stewart and Korean actress Shin Min Ah. Two such lovely, adorable, and talented women who come from different sides of the globe yet both remain true to themselves and humble despite the fame and fortune bestowed on them as famous actresses.

So glad to know that there are still like these two great women in the world of entertainment.

Sharing with you now some lovely photos of them.

Thank you to kstewartnews on twitter,  ck commercial,  and others:)  for the photos…


[ChanMi’s star news] Sin Min-ah’s white wash denims

I just love Shin Min ah and I’ve been a great fan of hers. It’s been a while though that I got some articles/news about her and I miss the times that I would show photos of her in my blog. So I got this one from Hancinema.

Hoping for more success to Shin Min ah:)

Sin Min-ah is the number one female star to look good in denims! She is in the 2010 S/S season Calvin Klein Jean photoshoot. This concept is the signature modern sexy look with the sexy basic & “Jean & Jean” trend style.

She is glamorous in her body line and looks very sexy!

This basic style, she is wearing a denim body jean with black sleeveless look. White bleach looks great in her denim. “Body White wash” look is what it’s called.

Jean & Jean look is the matching that makes a woman look slimmer in her silhouette. Definitely, edgy and luxurious styling for females. We will be able to see Sin Min-ah in the W magazine’s May issue.

One Fine Korean Actress Shin Min Ah

Shin Min Ah is one good actress in Korea…..She has so many projects coming up and one of them is the film Go Go 70’s…..I just hope that it will be shown in the Philippines (crossing my fingers)…..Here are some of her lively pictures in the movie….