Help Out and Do Your Part

Vox has this campaign which is Every Day is Earth Day on Vox: Help Out & Do Your Part….so here I am and I wanna share some things to you that I learned from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources(DENR) and the National Solid Waste Management Commission(NSWMC)….I chose the following topic because majority of us could contribute to this project…. 

This was about “Proper Segregation of Solid Waste” as was taken from Republic Act 9003 also known as The Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 of the Philippines….

I have been blogging for more than a year now and had observed how people would join hands just to save our planet….In our own little ways we can contribute but first we have to really PRACTICE and DO the following suggestions….

Proper Segregation of Solid Waste

Types of Waste



* Clean and dry paper such as folders, bond paper, newspaper, magazines, etc,

* Corrugated boards, carton boxes of pizza, soap, toothpaste, shoes, etc. 


* Softdrink PET bottles, bottles of mineral water, vinegar, soy sauce, cooking oil, noodles, shampoo, alcohol, etc.

*  Broken monoblock tables and chairs, basin, PVC pipes, and other hard plastics


* Aluminum containers like softdrinks-in-cans, ice cream and biscuit cans etc.

* G.I. Sheet(Yero), aluminum gutter, brass, copper, washer, stainless steel, scrap metal, etc


* Bottles of beer, gin, softdrinks, juice, vinegar, soy sauce, catsup, peanut butter, coffee, etc.

* Broken glasses and bottles

What You Should Do

* Separate white paper from colored paper

* Fold carton boxes to save space

* Do not let garbage collectors gather paper wastes when it rains. Paper, once wet, becomes compostable.

* Let the plastics dry before placing them in a recyclables  container

* Fold or cut the steel to save space

* Place bottles/broken glasses in a sturdy container

one glass color per container

* Wash or soak your plastics, cans, bottles and broken glasses in water recycled from washings to clean and prevent insect infestation




* Dried leaves and grass, plant stems, branches, and cut-offs

* Extracted plants

* Animal wastes


* Leftovers, fruit and vegetable seeds and peelings, etc.

* Seafood shells(crabs, lobsters, clams, etc.)

* Eggshell, fishbone, innards

                            What You Should Do     

* Compost or bury all garden wastes

* If to be collected by authorized garbage collectors, place your garden wastes in tightly tied plastic bags

* Drain/ dry leftovers in plastic bags

* Place leftovers in covered containers( like ice cream cans)

* Plastic and paper bags are not kitchen wastes

III. RESIDUALS (cannot be sold)

* Separate residuals from kitchen wastes and recyclables

* Sharp,  pointed objects should be placed and carefully tied in hard cardboards  to prevent injuring garbage collectors…

*  Place residuals in old plastic bags, NOT in sacks/ cartons…




The Cure

My friends, my country is now suffering from a social cancer that is becoming too hard to heal.

A certain man who I believe has the cure for that cancer is now being crucified by some of our most influential officials in the government.

I feel sorry for the one they crucified and for those who had condemned him.

The crucified man decided to tell the truth because he is truly a son of God. Yes, he has a good conscience that no one in this world could ever change.

Those who condemn him were caught in the act. They are protecting corrupt officials in the government, so what they share to the public are lies and the dictates of those they are trying to protect.

Poor Filipinos, poor us….

I hope the one who is against the mob will not lose hope and continue to fight the mob.

In one of the crucified man’s interviews, he cried after telling this simple story.

“I once asked a poor man who has a guava tree on his backyard to harvest all of his ripe guavas to be sold and have more profit for his family. The poor man answered, No sir, there’s no need to harvest all of them. What about the little birds in my backyard? They need to be fed too.”

I understand why the crucified man cried. Now he is facing men who make multiple profits for themselves. He learned his lessons from the man who did not only think of himself but also of the little birds in his backyard.

My friends, let us support people who tell the truth so that our country will be healed and the next generation will truly be proud of us.

Touch Me Not

An unfortunate incident happened two decades ago in one of our town’s forests in Pampanga.

Five men decided to hunt for animals in the forest. It was said that one of the hunters had warned his companions to be careful in hunting for animals in that said forest because there dwelt a “fairy” or “diwata” who was said to be the forest’s protector or guardian.

The men went on and did not listen to their co-hunter and decided to slaughter a cow, happily feasted on it as their major meal.

After an hour or so, the men felt too much pain on their stomachs, dizziness, and eventually died in the process.

They should have listened to the wise hunter in the first place.

The people in Pampanga have learned their lessons and are doing lots of measures to keep their forests safe from corrupt hunters, and most of all to corrupt officials and politicians.

A few years back, a tele-communications company decided to build a tower in one of our major forests in Mt. Arayat, Pampanga. The mayor and residents of that town rallied against it because they don’t want to experience landslides and floodings as what happened in Ormoc, Leyte in 1994 as more than 8 thousand people drowned because of environmental degradation in that place.

The eruption of Mt. Pinatubo in Pampanga in 1991 also contributed much to the pollution of air all over Asia. Although some people believed that there are political reasons (as the stay of the US bases in Angeles City were rejected on a Senate vote) why Mt. Pinatubo erupted after more than 500 years of being inactive, it suddenly erupted and had taken lots of lives and properties.

Nowadays because of too much politicking in our government, they even want to use officials of the environment sector just to satisfy their greed for money and build communication lines disregarding the safety of our people in the future. We’ve had too much of communication lines, what we need is good governance from our leaders.

Please “touch me not” as Dr. Jose Rizal, our national hero had said….