one fine day^^

I had a nice time today at our district’s sports fest…then my co -teachers and I went out to treat ourselves^^ for we had been working almost the whole day for the sports fest…

During our conversation I can’t help but notice how some would try to make good impression of themselves…So I had hoped for simplicity to rule in our conversations ….Thank God….I noticed also how some would try to humble themselves…. but others still  find it quite difficult ….so I guess  sometimes it’s better to keep quiet when you have nothing good to say anyway…

Then at the mall I saw my older sister’s classmate and had a short conversation with her….and it was fun seeing her again….and before that too, at the sports fest…I saw a childhood friend of another older sister of mine and was glad that she had not forgotten her^^she was also happy to see me at the district….There was like reminiscing of good times at the district today^^

What a day it has been!… I learned a lot about humility and the importance of showing honesty,simplicity,thoughtfulness,patience, love with other people^^

Water liliesWater lilies


a nice gesture

08spr_trees_01_h_slideshowThis afternoon at the mall my co teachers and I were entertained well by some kind hearted salesladies…..It was really nice to know that some simple gestures like a genuine smile, thoughtfulness, humility, patience, could make us feel so glad that there are still so many angels roaming around our planet….Those nice gestures came from the salesladies whom we met at the mall and we’re so lucky to have been served by them….May God bless these young ladies who I believed worked really hard for just some minimal compensation…yet I guess are truly blessed for they are richer in love, patience and humility… .

Lessons from Desiderata

Life is not a joke, but some of us have chosen to live it that way.

Everyday should be like a “mortal combat” for we are to fight great temptations that come our way.

Sad to say most of us just let those temptations conquer us…for fame, pride, vanity? Whatever reasons we have, we are losing the battle.

My friends, these are some lines in the poem “Desiderata”

“Avoid loud people for they are vexations to the spirit.”

Loud people teach us dishonesty, vanity, corruption of mind. Things that help us lose the battle.

The One who is the mightiest and the most powerful of all and who has won the battle has taught us honesty, compassion, love. He wants us to join Him in His freedom and triumph.

Reflections from Imitato Christi by Thomas Kempis

We must walk in the presence of God with humility and simplicity, with truth and sincerity. God resists the proud and gives his graces to the humble. We must pray to God not only with our lips, but also with our mind, will, and heart.