let’s do something for mother earth…

In less than half an hour we’ll be celebrating Earth Hour…Yes we must save energy for the sake of our planet…We must save Mother Earth…In our own country we are experiencing El Nino….We can see the economic, social, environmental effects of El Nino… Some would suffer from heat strokes and other health problems, damage to agriculture and food shortages, unemployment, domestic water shortages, even fish kills are hitting us and a lot more…. This must be the reason too why there are so many vehicular accidents nowadays….Drivers are becoming impatient, irritable because of the hot weather….Yes, we almost had an accident this afternoon and I blame it on the weather somehow…..It is the heat that had made the drivers irritable….and I pity the drivers who would be on the road everyday and would have to stand the heat for so many hours….and yet the weather in turn  if she could only speak would probably tell us….Well you don’t have to blame me….you must do something in order to save our planet from experiencing climate change or global warming and other environmental problems……


Remembering Mrs. Dorado…

Some old students of mine would visit me in school every now and then…. It’s somehow “nakakataba ng puso”or heartwarming….. I regret the time when I was just a student and I never had the chance to visit my former teachers….It was really “bad of me”I guess….but ofcourse I always thought of my former teachers then as my second parents….who had taught me a lot of things, like my whole being was formed from all the variety of things I learned from them, mentally, emotionally, spiritually….

I won’t forget Mrs. Dorado my teacher in Grade 1….coz she was my teacher in Grade 2 as well….She was able to follow my improvement for 2 years….She was also the one who took me in after being rejected^^from a former teacher when I was just starting out in school^^(although I think that I deserved to be rejected^_~) ….That’s how it feels when you are accepted for what you are, even learning the most difficult things in life becomes easier when people believe in you….at that age I was just around six to seven years old yet I knew how it feels to be loved and be accepted already…..

I’d like to believe also that I had somehow built self confidence in my students just like the late Mrs. Dorado….Things become a lot easier to all of us no matter what undertakings we have in life if we let other people and our own students believe in themselves….

Acts of Kindness

They say you can give gifts to others all year long….So here are some of them that you could share with others…All it takes is for you to be more caring and loving….and you could really make a difference and be a better person….with these acts:

1. Smile

2. Be optimistic

3. Explain patiently

4. Keep a confidence

5. Share an experience and offer hopefulness

6.  Say “thank you”

7.  Provide a shoulder to lean on

8.  Tell the truth, but with kindness and tact. Ask, “Does the other person really need to hear this?”

9.  Look for something beautiful in one person everyday

10. Never miss an opportunity to love others

From Hanoch and Meladee McCarty
Excerpted from Acts of Kindness
“101 Gifts to Give All Year Long”

By leoschild

My inspiration…LOVE

When I was in sixth grade, that was a long long time ago^^, I remember that we were given some pocket bibles from missionaries upon our graduation day….and one of the missionaries told us to read the bible during our summer vacation and I did…. I had the chance to read about love on Corinthians and ofcourse never really understood what love is at that time and all I can do is just tell everyone when asked to define love that love is not selfish…..As I grew older it meant more aside from that it is being unselfish…..It has guided me in my everyday life as a source of inspiration…..having love inside you will humble you as well…..You will be inspired to see the goodness of your neighbor and learn to respect and accept him, and trust him that he could be good as well, that he has the capacity to respect and accept other people as well…..Love will make you see that the other person is inspired by love or could be inspired by love or could be capable of  spreading love…..I read about this that a person no matter how bad he is still somewhere inside that tough heart of his, there is love even if he denies it in himself…..deep inside of him yes he has love….He  just needed someone to make him  realize that he has  it…. The missionaries had somehow helped me through the years to keep my faith in love…..