We always give the best to the ones we love………..

They always say you can’t give what you do not have. Therefore in order for you to have something to offer to others you must have that “something to offer” in the first place.

What is that “something”? That “something”must be “special” or better yet “extra special” in a way to that person you consider giving it to. Another thing is it shouldn’t hurt or harm the other person. If it does then why would you let the other person down, why would you give them something you know isn’t good for them?

While serving others I found out that we only give what’s best for them. Like when I cook for my family I try to give food which could be healthy or beneficial for them. I don’t want them to get sick coz I care so much for them. That’s what I mean in giving the best we have to others… to the ones we love. We sacrifice a lot to offer only the best for them.

Giving them things that they truly need and not only things that they want coz at times there are things that they just want which could be harmful for them. Therefore the giver must know what we truly need rather than what we just want. Now it would be easier if the receiver want only things that she really needs!

In closing, just wanna say we become more fulfilled when we sacrifice ourselves to serve others. When we  listen hard to what they truly need. When we give our best to others all the time and to the ones we love…. they also learn in becoming selfless as well.



Bring out the best in the family…

Today is the Feast of the Holy Family for Catholics but it could be for all families in the whole world as well….We make God as the center of our lives and Mama Mary, Joseph, and Jesus as our Holy Family….We are trying hard to follow the Holy Family in terms of having loving, generous, supportive members in our own families….How can we be a true family?

The key is we the children must never, never disrespect our parents, no matter what….I see how children nowadays treat their parents inappropriately….Most of our shows on TV and in movies show children as rebels,corrupt, disobedient while parents are shown as unfit as well to handle their kids….Remember some songs of Eminem….a son blaming his parents for his misery….and so many other songs telling us how we hated our own immediate families…..how come we never asked ourselves, what can I do to my family instead of blaming parents or your siblings for all your failures….What have you done as member in a family to save it?…. Have I been a good child myself…..If your parents failed to show love within your family, you have to make a difference instead….Show them how much you care for them by being a good daughter or a son…..to bring out the best in your family……You may never know you’ll be the miracle that your parents are looking for….

Another big family that we should consider is “us” the whole community….including neighbors, friends, relatives, co workers etc….We must also include in our family the environment itself (animals and plants) that we should love, protect, and respect as well….

Remember my friends…..”We are all part of God’s family”…

faithless love is painful

I attended a wedding this afternoon and I really appreciated the way the priest officiated and witnessed the ceremony….

The mood is always happy when I see couples tie the knot….I just wish that the “love” between couples will always last forever….and they would fall in love with each other again and again….falling in love with each other also means falling in love with the “same person”….the same husband and wife all over again^^…..

There was a movie shown years ago and I had forgotten its title but the story was about family life….about love between husband and wife as well as parents and their children….I find the movie interesting because there was a scene wherein the daughter was asking her father why he was divorcing her mother….The father said it’s because he had fallen out of love with his wife or her daughter’s mom….So the daughter said….” Now I knew Dad why you were divorcing our mother….it’s because you fell out of love with my Mom”….Then suddenly the daughter asked her father…..”Dad will there be a possibility too that you will forget about us as well?….The father said,….”Ofcourse not!!!….How could I forget you….never will I lose my love for you”…..But the daughter was really confused and asked her Dad….”But Dad?” she said….”Will you also fall out of love on us just like what you did to our Mom?”….”Will there come a time also that you will fall out of love on us?”….”By then I guess you will also leave us just like what you did to my Mom”…..The father didn’t know what to say after that….It was really touching coz the father shed some tears and embraced her daughter after that….Yes I guess building a strong marriage and a family is really important….coz in the end the children are the ones who suffer from our immaturity and irresponsibility….


Saturday is bonding time…..It’s so nice to belong to a big family coz when you get together it’s always like a reunion already….And what else could make the day complete….Of course the kids…..Oh the kids are noisy…but it’s just ok coz they usually are high pitched ^^…..but they surely make our day and our home brighter…..


We’ve had lots of bday celebrations last April and this month of May….and as always those who get so excited are those little kids we have at home…..So during my Mom’s bday we decided to buy balloons so that the kids will have something to spend their time with when the celebration gets to fit in with the old folks….Although my Mom gets her share of “fights” when those kids become “irritable” or noisy already, she was so happy to have the kids around on her bday coz the very first people who greeted her and gave her simple tokens were the kids^^…..My niece Ella even bought a simple hairpin and 3 pieces of snow beer(menthol candy^^) for her grandma….Those little things really mean so much to us…..


Nevertheless we manage to celebrate those special occasions with our love ones….I guess families should be like this always….whether it’s just a simple Saturday like this we should always find quality time with our love ones….even a simple meal and celebration will do….

 cj, ella, marjay