a little hope can make us happy^^

I woke up really late this morning…Instead of the usual 4 to 5 am, I woke up at 6:15 already….I was really in a hurry, took a bath (for about 10 mins.), then decided to take my hot coffee in front of my pc (I still have 15 mins to rate for IRMD) ….ahhh the coffee was really hot (and I was in a hurry^^)….so okay putting the cup of hawt coffee close to my mouth and I can ‘t see…oh no I can’t see T_T…Why??? Because my eyeglasses became “foggy” hehe^^ I had to remove the”fog” from my eyeglasses…Remember the coffee was so hot (can we stop heat from evaporating^_~)….Sigh^^….that’s what happens when I wake up late in the mornings^^ Haha ,ako ang “reyna ng sablay”^^

At 10 to 7 I was on my way to school….carrying a big big bag of used clothing that I will give to some parents and pupils in school…..called on the parents to choose what would fit them and just leave behind those that they can’t use….But alas!, okay, they got all they wanted and immediately left, but they left me with something to remember hehe^^ ….I didn’t notice that a one year old child being carried by one of the parents was without pampers hehe….So yes hehe….Okay kids(my pupils) let’s just fix “this” okay?….Any volunteer?….No one volunteered….It was the first day of the class and everyone seems to have had a jet lag or something so ….(planning to clean it myself)…..”No no Maam! I’ll do it”^^, Bryan finally volunteered….

Felt like people would always complain about how unsatisfied they are of their own lives….inspite of the fact that they can have 3 meals a day and can have everything in life…..Still they’re not satisfied….whereas you see some of our poor neighbors lacking in everything….only trying to build a little self esteem for themselves…..

This holiday really got some of us feeling “high” or “low” or something…..Yet life for now is back to normal again….


Face of Christ

There was an old man who begs on the street yet I find some people so kind to him maybe because there’s an effort on his part to sing to those who pass by the street …At least we can consider him as an entertainer as well isn’t it?….Though I had wished that he could be singing somewhere in a  more convenient place rather than on a sidewalk….and that he has a family who takes care of him….

While we were passing by, the old man was trying to check his microphone because I think it has no battery anymore….He said “hello…hello” many times but it has no sound anymore…. And without losing hope he still sang probably his fave song in a much louder voice^^…..

Though he may have entertained people with his singing and maybe he felt that’s the only way for him to survive, still the sight of that man singing on the sidewalk haunts me in a way coz he reminds me of a father or a helpless grandfather who should be taken care of……That’s why I always say that every family should unite and take good care of each other…..

Whenever I see some helpless people that’s when I felt how blessed we have been…..Let’s not forget the people who exert effort despite the hardships they face in life…..Let’s follow Christ…..We’ve got to make our own sacrifices….exert more effort to unite our families and love our brothers and sisters…..Let’s wipe the blood and tears from Christ’ face so that there will be less helpless people on the streets who beg for our love and compassion…..and we will not be haunted by those suffering faces every now and then…..

Forever Grateful

We are what we are today because of some people who had shaped our lives and helped us fulfill our dreams. I for one is fortunate to have been blessed with loving and generous souls.

I want to thank God for giving me loving parents a daughter or a son could have, and for giving me someone who I consider very special for she gave me unconditional love.

It happened one day, considering then that she isn’t a relative or a close family friend but just a concerned neighbor of ours, when she asked my parents permission to help me financially in my studies and let no one know about it except my family. They told her she was most welcome and made them the happiest parents on earth.

We were then financially unstable because of my late father’s disease and my parents too much generosity.They could have been financially stable back then coz my father had a really good and worthy job but he chose not to be coz like I’ve said he was too generous and loving that he never in his entire life saved for himself but gave all that he had to his relatives, to the needy, and his own family.

He was very hospitable that even when he was already sick, whenever someone visited him he made sure that the person would leave with a pot of roses or flowers with them (he was a lover of plants)as a gesture for visiting him coz we couldn’t give food or money anymore to those who usually visit us as we used to do back when we were still stable.

My beloved benefactor probably had known my family’s generosity that she chose me as one of her beneficiaries in her long list of philantrophic acts.

During my four years in college almost all my needs were provided by her. She didn’t ask us to repay her rather told me to do to others what she did for me, and I did in my own humble way.

She was awesome, wonderful, one in a million.

Two days ago I had a long conversation with her. She’s still the same person I had known years ago but much older now. No matter how old she is I still love talking to her. She remains selfless and generous as ever. I just hope I had made her proud of me coz I feel l have a long way to go to do what she had done for me.

To you Ima I am forever grateful and I love you…

A Painful Journey

My friends…thank you for allowing me to share my humble experiences…they may be simple but nevertheless they had helped me a lot to who I am now…So here is another story…another sad story I may say…please forgive me for sharing another sad story.. but I promise not to make this page an obituary section.
I think it was a month ago or so when another news on suicide had been flashed on major networks and newspapers in the Philippines.

The news was about a young 5th grader who hanged herself because of too much poverty and hunger she had experienced before her death…And worst it was found out that those were only some of the reasons why she killed herself for there were traces of sexual abuse revealed in her autopsy.

It isn’t surprising anymore to hear these kinds of stories in my country, however shameful they may be………the victms are always our poor children.

I do understand how poverty could kill a person’s hope to continue living in this world……..but for a young girl to kill herself because of poverty is something very painful…….and to be abused and to lose one’s hope is too much for a young girl to bear……..

My child,… my precious child….. you had turned my morning to a night…..


Don’t know how to start the day
Drink my coffee or comb my hair
Turn on the radio or switch to TV
This November morning is not so easy.

So thanks if you asked a favor
Find my self a newstand therefore
But sorry,”What’s The News” had been sold out!
Worry not many choices can be had.

On my way saw the first choice of the day
Happy faces greet the morning with their play
But there’s a child as I turn to my right
My November morning she had turned to a night.

She wanted to join those happy faces
But she could not they should meet the day’s graces
One November morning could not be spared
To a busy child who has got no choices.

……The world has enough for peoples needs but not enough for peoples greed…..Mother Theresa…….