It’s always there……

Just thought of comparing plants to us humans in some ways that I understand…

I love plants…I love taking care of them …Even if we only have a little space in our backyard to grow plants still I manage to grow some of them in pots….and it was so fulfilling…

When I was just a kid I tried to plant an apple seed at the back of our house coz my late Father would always tell me that whatever plant or seed you place under the ground it will surely grow…but then ofcourse he also told me that plants have certain characteristics that we should consider in order for them to survive….like how it will adapt to its climate, to its soil , to the quality of the plant itself etc….

Still I was so stubborn…I believed in what he said that whatever seed or plant you put into the soil it will surely grow…So I place an apple seed on the soil and observed it for days…Then something sprouted and I told myself that it was really a young apple tree… I told all members of my family not to cut it whatever happens but my brother told me that it isn’t an apple plant…He said we can never grow apple trees in our place because of our climate…apples only grow to places with cold climate… so he cut it much to my dismay…later on I realized that he was right coz how come I’ve never seen any of our  neighbors and our neighboring towns grow apples in their backyard…From then on I gave up in growing apples in our  backyard….

Plants are like us humans in a way….No matter how we try to blend with our surroundings, to adapt to other cultures in order to understand other people still we go back to the basics….Maybe some can change their whole persona and embrace the changes in them yet we can’t totally erase what’s inside us ….what’s inside us is permanent…it’s solid….it’s unbreakable…even if we deny it and claim that it’s no longer in us….in my humble opinion what or who we really are will haunt us for as long as we live….



Snow White prefers the White Horse 

During one of our conversations my sister told me about how horses are portrayed as evil or bad in some movies which involved exorcism like in the movie The Rite ( She said that horses are used by demons to possess a person according to some priests who have done exorcism(the act of driving out, or warding off, demons, or evil spirits, from persons, places, or things, which are believed to be possessed or infested by them, or are liable to become victims or instruments of their malice). By these observations I thought of getting more information about horses and how are they symbolized by others. According to this article ( horses symbolize power, grace, beauty, nobility, strength , freedom etc. A horse can serve man in war, can be a tool for mobility, productivity, agriculture, development of all kinds, the Horse is by far one of the largest contributor to the enhancement of civilization. How can we not love horses isn’t it?…. but then  I read on the last part of the article the difference between a White horse and a Black horse. A Black horse is usually meant to cause  mystery, death, night, secret,  a messenger of esoteric knowledge…..while the White horse symbolizes light, sun,day,vitality, illumination, resurrection, a messenger of birth. Therefore we can’t totally conclude that horses are evil animals although we may say that some of them probably the Black horses  have been used by demons when they want to possess their victims! Now I was looking at some photos of Kristen Stewart’s upcoming movie  Snow White and The Huntsman  and in some of her scenes you can see her befriending a White horse which in my opinion isn’t harmful at all coz this time the White horse agrees with Snow White the protagonist of the story I may say. Now this horse could beat the Evil Queen in the story, and it can’t be possessed by Evil coz she is siding with  the Good instead!

Happy Birthday to a lovely woman Kristen Stewart!

Dear Kristen,

A young friend of mine actually had told me about this movie called Twilight but I never had the interest to watch it coz I’ve stopped watching hollywood movies for a while but then one day my family were all in the living room and I was too curious to know what was on the screen and so that started it all. The charisma you have is inspiring added to that amazing chemistry you have with Robert Pattinson. At that point in time I realized why my friend admired you so much coz I began to watch all of your individual interviews and those that you have with Robert Pattinson. Now I don’t ask myself anymore why lots of people young or old like or love you coz your fans mean so much to you, coz you care about them and you try to give your best in everything you do. With that may I give you my warmest greeting of A blessed and A Happy 22nd Birthday to you Ms. Kristen Stewart! You are loved and will always be loved!


P.S. and I love your smile:)