I feel so helpless today…..I feel like there are so many things that we need to look into or prioritize especially in our work but things are too complicated and I feel so helpless, so confused right now….I think it’s not only I who feel this way, I guess even my co workers do….

It has something to do with our work…..Speaking on their behalf I have only good things to say about them….They’re doing everything they could to become good teachers in our school ….Even our principal works hard and is giving her best to make everything work well for us….I have great respect for them…..but then no matter how harmonious our working relationship is, some I should say bad air comes in the school making everything so complicated for us……not only for us but the whole community of public school teachers in our own division…..

Yesterday our club president attended a meeting during the anniversary of Angeles City Public School Teachers Association…..She told us today about what happened in the meeting …..She said they weren’t given the chance to voice out our sentiments regarding the six hours of teaching……They(some officials of the said organization) made a move against us teachers , she said, by opening the problem at the last minutes of the meeting….it was a move to keep us silent about the issue……Actually we must only teach for six hours and if we extend another two hours we should be compensated for it as an overtime pay….it was a a Republic Act which should be followed but is not in our very own division…..Why are we fighting for our rights?…..It is because if Republic Acts(which are to be given importance) were being violated, what about the other minor concerns that we have …..the more chances we have that those concerns will be violated as well…..

We are so frustrated…..There are other policies which we find so unfair but they are being implemented…..What has happened to us my fellow teachers?….I feel so sorry that we let these things happen to us…..There are so many things that I wanted to say and vox is the only confidant that I have right now….till next time….

“If you can’t do what this department is asking you to do….Find another job”….Superwoman.



Reading about some articles on the current social and political situation in my country has made me realized that we need to do something for our country to rise and see the light again….

If you live in a country like the Philippines you have to accept the fact that many problems were still left unsolved….We have the perception that corruption in the government is at its worst…there were destabilizations in the government that we often do not know where they come from….ofcourse the never ending poverty…..where most families had to eat an average of two meals a day….where kidnappings are like kdramas….where our people act as slaves to internationally rich bandits…where justice doesn’t prevail…

We need to do something about them….The church is asking us to do the principles of active-non violence together…They are asking us to make reforms by starting within ourselves….

At times we find ourselves becoming hopeless..

At times we don’t know where to turn to anymore..

At times we just let those problems rule us….