Blessed Month…

December is a busy month yet it seems like everything just comes so smoothly during this particular month…..Like every Filipino would get excited about the coming celebrations it offers and everyone learns to offer a gift with one another…..although my real wish for us would be to become humble like what Jesus had shown us from the time of His birth and until now….We should be humble enough in asking blessings from God and in giving what we have to others….We should be thankful to all the gifts God has given us….Be thankful on what we have now and do not ask for too much….and share to others the blessings He has given us….



Joining “be humble”day…

QoTD at Today is “Be Humble Day.” What in your life are you most humble about!

Glad you have what you call “be humble” day….I think kids are the most humble people in the world^^and are the most willing to humble themselves….I think we should learn from them…..And what am I most humble about of having?…..My work as a teacher….I don’t call it as a profession but as a mission instead…..It’s a chance for me to help the kids become better persons…..and l in return learn from them…..Through them I could say I knew where I should stand…..My priorities in life become much simpler coz I see the beauty and the truth about life through them….All of us are faced with so many challenges in life but we should always remain humble like these little children….

Humility….My Turning Point

A Happy Tune On A Lazy Afternoon

Teardrops fell on my pillow
One lazy afternoon
While I listen to a sad song
After playing the spoons

So I kept my mind busy
And tried not to be lonely
Kept the teardrops off my pillow
And sang a happy tune

A few years back I was so very lonely….I thought the pain in my heart won’t leave me…..I kept hurting myself…..I thought I knew better……Then I humbled myself….I asked our Father to forgive me…..I realized how selfish I had been…..When I finally humbled myself…..that was the turning point……The blood in my teardrops were gone……Instead I noticed a “star” formed from my teardrops…..Though I still cry every now and then….there was not much pain anymore on some tears that I shed…..Humility has healed my wounds…..


My friends, let us continue leading a simple and meaningful life as it should be.

A few years back I wasn’t who I am now. I was completely foolish caused by my lack of faith and love to the Father. I was very sick emotionally and spiritually. I was like an actress who is destined to be doomed at the end of a tragic movie. Totally lost and dissatisfied with my own life, there were nights when I had cried blood, but no one seemed to notice that I was suffering. To even hide my pain and loneliness, I tried to make others happy by acting as a joy-bringer, but those things weren’t enough to heal my ill feelings and stupidity. I was blinded by my selfishness and so I separated myself with our Father. I still considered myself incomplete even if I had the love of my family and friends. I didn’t know who I was and how precious I am. I continued to show love to family and friends but I wasn’t good to myself….until….finally it was over……A miracle happened in my life because of God’s unending mercy and love…….

The story of the “Prodigal Son” is true. Let us come back to the Father ….We are so dear to Him. He knows our ways, how we think, feel, and walk through life….He knows our strengths and weaknesses……The Father will decide on what’s best for us in the end.

If you ever decide to come back to the Father…….He will prepare a feast for you just to welcome you back.

Lead a simple yet meaningful life. It is never too late my friends…..Again and again…..I always say…….WE ARE SO LOVED BY GOD…………..(:

An Unforgettable Journey

Hello again my dear readers….let’s be sentimental for a while… Why not talk about a little of my colorful past…..I wanna share this article I wrote when I was about to enter college…..

The Stranger That I Have Loved

It was a quiet afternoon…I was lying on the floor, eyes glued on our TV set … The movie was like I would describe it then as a “silent picture”. Although I wouldn’t understand any word from it, how i’d loved to see those movements, especially hers. There she was a beautiful woman with expressive eyes, whose expressive eyes had touched my heart…. And I told my self, at a very young age I had known when and how to feel fondness even to a stranger…. But like a little girl who had outgrown a toy, the fondness that she left from me suddenly vanished.

Years had passed, changes have come and gone. With sad and happy experiences I would say I had matured much since that “quiet afternoon”. Life then it seems to me was more colorful, more dramatic, added to my own more matured attitude. And it must be true that life is like a ferris wheel coz I saw this stranger again…Seeing her again was more of a sad experience though… …….I couldn’t believe that this woman who had captured my heart in the past died in a drowning accident. The news was on TV and it was also there where I first loved her…. I remember some lines in the poem that I wrote for her…..

“What in the world did I know about her?
All I knew was she married twice her lover
And even though I was a young fourth grader
I knew then that love still lasts forever…

This woman after all was not just a stranger to me…She turned out to be a model, an inspiration, and most of all,…a friend….a friend who taught me how to love and be loved and all the things she fought for will always remain in my heart forever……..