If I were a teacher…..

QoTD at vox.com….If you had to teach something, what would you teach?

Well it so happened that I am a teacher and there are plenty of topics to choose from and share in this world….Though maybe I would emphasize teaching the value of “being ready always” or promptness so that we could make things a lot easier for us when faced with difficult situations…..

Let’s say what do we do when we are caught off guard by some unexpected events or situations in our lives?….Even those simple things like preparing medicine when you travel, having a toilet paper or a tissue with you always so that when you might have that call of nature you are always” ever ready”….what if the restroom has no tissue….(btw we could keep some tissue in our pockets always etc.)….These simple preparations should be considered as well….

If you are a student or even a teacher it is a must that you are always prepared with the lessons inside the classroom…..Most of the smarter students we have know the value of being ready^^

In our spiritual life….we should always be prepared as well….coz we do not know what lies beneath the surface^^….

The sad fact too is that we love procrastinating….”Yeah…I still have more time…I’ll just do these tomorrow”.. until we are caught by surprise…..I know we should not always worry about the future but let’s try to be always ready to face challenges and difficult situations in our lives….


Joining “be humble”day…

QoTD at vox.com: Today is “Be Humble Day.” What in your life are you most humble about!

Glad you have what you call “be humble” day….I think kids are the most humble people in the world^^and are the most willing to humble themselves….I think we should learn from them…..And what am I most humble about of having?…..My work as a teacher….I don’t call it as a profession but as a mission instead…..It’s a chance for me to help the kids become better persons…..and l in return learn from them…..Through them I could say I knew where I should stand…..My priorities in life become much simpler coz I see the beauty and the truth about life through them….All of us are faced with so many challenges in life but we should always remain humble like these little children….

A heartfelt gratitude..

Oh how time flies so fast….It’s gonna be our summer vacation again by the end of March….The mood now in school is on accomplishing some school forms as the school year ends….What will be in store for us next school year?…I hope there will be some improvements in school and in all aspects of our lives for the teachers and students…

Last Friday we had a pre-valentine ball in school for our pupils….The younger kids really enjoyed their time dancing and singing….while the older pupils….oh…. though some were cooperative, others just focused on teasing each other and not on enjoying themselves that day….The teasing even caused them some misunderstanding…Some of them even refused to dance….too conscious about themselves….or is it because of some peer pressure or something…..I think the younger kids were just too innocent to feel such pressure as the older ones….But then as time went by the older ones decided to join the fun as well…..Ofcourse these kids really wanted to have fun too and who wouldn’t?…..Maybe we should be more patient in dealing with the young ones…..and the young ones will do the same to us^^

I had also received some letters from students on valentine’s day…Ofcourse they consider us teachers as their second parents….Some of the letters were so touching….even the one who is no longer attending his classes wrote to me….Perhaps it was the most touching of all…..I am just so flattered to receive those letters coz I knew I haven’t given the best of me to them…..I hope I could be a better person to deserve such love and care from them….and I just wanna say thank you from the bottom of my heart….

Valentine’s Love

My friend Jean Chia created a meme about love among special friends..so here’s what she has shared with me…

“Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to express your love to your special someone by sending cards, flowers and gifts. For me, Valentine’s Day is not just about lovers but also about friends. It is the day whereby i can express my love to my special friends. And that is why i came out with this meme. It’s called the Valentine’s Love. I would like to share this Valentine’s Love with all my special friends.”

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Valentine's Love
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So now I am tagging all of you my friends..or everyone who gets to visit this site..happy valentine’s day to you and let’s all spread love..not hate..coz what matters most in this world is love..as God said the greatest of all is love^^

Appreciating love….

I had a meeting with our students’ parents today. I appreciate their mere presence in school during the meeting. They really wanted to see how their kids fare in school. Some parents were not around and I understand why. Most of them are working parents and they just send representatives for them. Although maybe some were working parents yet they try to find some time to attend the meeting knowing how important it is to show support to our children.

It does count to our kids when we attend such meetings for their sake. Once when we were camping I heard one of my students saying, “My parents do not really care about me… they were too busy to even visit me in this camp. Their mind is on our business always I don’t think they even care about me”….Of course it isn’t true. I knew those parents she mentioned. I knew how they work hard for their children just to send them to school. Their children had been my former students as well and they had shown support to them before.  Maybe this one who joined the camp was at that time passing through what we call puberty stage. I really noticed some changes in her then. She felt she isn’t loved because her peers get things she couldn’t get from her parents.  At that time she couldn’t understand her parents situation and that they need to earn a living for them. She is actually just like some students who would easily rebel against their parents without even thinking about the hardships or sacrifices their parents had done for them. I guess peer pressure is another factor to consider when we rebel against our parents…..

So during the meeting with parents I asked them to show concern and love to their children but make sure that their children will appreciate that love given to them….Make sure that your children remain respectful of you coz it isn’t enough that we provide them love but we should also teach them the value of appreciating that love we share with them….What love was it then?….It should be true love….true concern….Let us not spoil our children….because when they could no longer get what they wanted all those sacrifices and love that we had provided them will just be in vain..

What’s the best thing about Monday…

Oh…even kids in school don’t have that much energy to work in the class when Monday comes, however, there’s the intention to listen……But what I really like is it is the most attended day during the week….showing how important the first day of the week to us….so we could grab the chance to start the week with a great momentum or just ignore that opportunity….I’d do the former….Give your best while the people you work with are mostly there for you…