Heroes Don’t Lose Faith

It’s really quite difficult to search for a hero in this modern age, in this generation where injustice, poverty, and immorality rule…

I agree with what this certain journalist said about how some leaders in Asia and in other parts of the world lose their “heroic charms” once they can’t change or better yet improve some institutions or systems governing their own people…

Remember the time when Moses despite his good leadership, had experienced instances where his followers had turned away and lost faith and confidence in him… Remember even Jesus Christ with all His heroic acts was even betrayed by His follower and friend Judas, who wanted Jesus as a brave and gallant hero, who would rise up against the Romans and change drastically their system of government back then…Instead Jesus chose to have it peacefully and was crucified as a prize for being a hero, a good man….

Today we have so many good leaders around the world yet their characters change once the system had swallowed their faith, their morality…It’s hard for them to play fair and square…They deal with dirty tactics to get what they want, even in making changes and reforms they deviate from the rules, because the system itself is filthy…If you play it fair, you won’t stay long, you will be crucified too,  just like Jesus……But then, just like Jesus let us think positively and have true faith….. Why not take the chance?…..We need leaders or heroes who don’t lose their faith……Who should be like Jesus……He never gives up until now…..


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