Lanterns for Christmas



In my province in Pampanga, these lanterns would find their way during the Christmas season….People would cost them a lot just to have one displayed in their homes…but if you want to see more of these beautiful lanterns just visit San Fernando, Pampanga one of the greatest cities we have producing great lanterns….

I remember the “drama” I had with lanterns when I was younger^^….It was Simbang Gabi then and Noche Buena….The whole family except my late father went out to go to church for the Noche Buena mass….I was maybe 8 yrs old then and I was the only one left behind with my father coz they refused to wake me up because they said I was really so sleepy at that time….So when I woke up, they were already at the church….I went down the stairs crying….The more I even looked exactly like Bruce Lee then^_~from too much crying(sob sob T_T)….So my father was trying to pacify me….He told me to stop crying so what he did I remember was to point at me the beautiful lantern in our neighborhood….Although it was really hard for me to stop crying coz I really wanted to attend the Noche Buena mass….He sat beside me and told me about the lantern as the symbol of that light that had guided the three kings from finding the Child Jesus….and we just sat there for an hour and looked at that beautiful lantern….until I stopped crying….After that my father  promised me that no matter what they would take me to the mass during the Noche Buena^^….but, by just looking at the lantern I may say by now that somehow I was already part of the thanksgiving mass we have for the birth of the Child Jesus….


everyday a blessing

Sneeze…sneeeeze!!!….I have a cold right now….but it is manageable^^


I was trying to finish some of my paper works in school…It will be a busy month for us this December so I’m taking steps one day at a time to be able to beat some deadines….It also helps us when we try to have things done earlier even by doing so little  by little….I  noticed that the load becomes less heavier or  work seems to be manageable with God’s grace ofcourse….


I consider everyday as always a blessing from God^^

Blessed Month…

December is a busy month yet it seems like everything just comes so smoothly during this particular month…..Like every Filipino would get excited about the coming celebrations it offers and everyone learns to offer a gift with one another…..although my real wish for us would be to become humble like what Jesus had shown us from the time of His birth and until now….We should be humble enough in asking blessings from God and in giving what we have to others….We should be thankful to all the gifts God has given us….Be thankful on what we have now and do not ask for too much….and share to others the blessings He has given us….



one fine day^^

I had a nice time today at our district’s sports fest…then my co -teachers and I went out to treat ourselves^^ for we had been working almost the whole day for the sports fest…

During our conversation I can’t help but notice how some would try to make good impression of themselves…So I had hoped for simplicity to rule in our conversations ….Thank God….I noticed also how some would try to humble themselves…. but others still  find it quite difficult ….so I guess  sometimes it’s better to keep quiet when you have nothing good to say anyway…

Then at the mall I saw my older sister’s classmate and had a short conversation with her….and it was fun seeing her again….and before that too, at the sports fest…I saw a childhood friend of another older sister of mine and was glad that she had not forgotten her^^she was also happy to see me at the district….There was like reminiscing of good times at the district today^^

What a day it has been!… I learned a lot about humility and the importance of showing honesty,simplicity,thoughtfulness,patience, love with other people^^

Water liliesWater lilies