True Capampangan^^

Just wanna share some funny stuff with you tonight^^….We Capampangans have this problem on diction….as when we mean the sound or the letter P we often would use the letter F instead of the P….and also we do not have the H sounds on some words that should have the H^^….or we often have no H to those that needed to have H…..

Once a friend of a friend told me a funny experience she had with the letter P….My friend was encouraged to forget about her problems by forgetting the past…..Her friend said to her…..”Laura you know there’s no need for you to become so sad…..(my friend became so serious and is beginning to see the light)…..and her friend continued by saying “forget about your problems, fast is fast”…..and so instead of trying to really grasp what her friend was saying she suddenly burst into laughter^^

Another one was a funny experience my sister had with her former student when she was still teaching at HAU….Her student volunteered to sing to the class when they were having some fun in school…..and he sang Depeche Mode’s Somebody…..Everyone was so attentive when the student sang because he really had a great voice and the student sang with so much passion….but while he was singing Somebody…..that goes….

I want somebody to share
Share the rest of my life
Share my innermost thoughts
Know my intimate details
Someone who’ll stand by my side
And give me suffort

And the class forgave him for that because he was really so full of passion while singing……but then he continued with….

And in return
She’ll get my suffort

Haha and he continued singing , never minding how he had said the F instead of the P coz it wasn’t intentional on his part…..Me too sometimes I accidentally ^^use the F with P or vice versa^^

And lastly there were sales representatives in our school last Friday….they were endorsing the product Vita Plus…..This medical supplement is a herbal medicine with lots of cure or treatment although one of the herbs mentioned can make your libido active…..So my co teacher said it is nakaka L, meaning it makes your libido active….Tita Zen said “wow so it can make your L(said it as EL) active”…So they laugh at her because she’s already in her 60s…..So another co teacher mentioned how romantic Tita Zen is…. so she said…..”Oh no Tita Zen is telling us that the Vita Plus makes your HEL so active (she meant the L or libido haha ^^)….Yes we can’t help it…..Our being Capampangans would still show especially in our use of the English language or even the Tagalog language…..


The Incredibles

They say as we grow older we become more sensitive^^

A week ago my grandson Jaja was scolded by his Lolo Turing, his great grandpa…..just because of a “misunderstanding”^^….

It’s because of “The Incredibles”^^….

Lolo Turing can’t hear well anymore because he needed to have a hearing aid already….So when he was asking Jaja…..”My grandson, what are you watching right now?”…..Jaja softly said “The Incredibles”….But Lolo Turing didn’t hear so he asked Jaja again of what movie he was watching….Jaja got irritated and said aloud…”The INCREDIBLES!”….but still Lolo Turing couldn’t hear^^…OMG…he needed a hearing aid already^^… he asked again…..”Hey….what are you watching?”…..Jaja had a really big big voice and shouted “THE INCREDIBLES!!!!!”……OMG….his great grandpa really got so angry that there were smoke in his ears and held Jaja and spanked him many times T_T…..”You little brat….you don’t respect me anymore!!!”, he angrily said….and so he hit Jaja and he just stopped when he saw Jaja’s Mom crying already….

I think Lolo Turing’s becoming too sensitive….that’s what we concluded including Jaja’s Mom….

So now everytime great grandpa asks Jaja about anything….the little boy would come close to grandpa’s ears and would tell him anything he was asking….haha^^….Oh my…how much is the hearing aid btw^^….Well we all experience “misunderstanding” most of the time isn’t it?….Well it’s because we give meaning to those we should’t give meaning to….and at times we don’t give meaning to those that we should give meaning to^^…..Oh life^^…..Still I think life is so sweet,wonderful, amazing, incredible^^

“In the eternal words of Freud, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”…..or a postcard is just a postcard and it only means what it was created to mean and nothing more”… my friend AzureWolf…

Love To Hate

Someone asked this at…….Show us something you love to hate…….

My family always makes it a point not to let me eat food which could make my BP rise….I am hypertensive due to my fondness to salty foods…ouch!….Though I’ve manage to maintain my BP now than before^^…Once I got home after work and I was too hungry to eat already (I knew there were cooked crabs -my fave seafood, but they won’t show them to me-it’s a no no^^)….But since I was really stubborn so I told them…..”I got my pay cheque today^^!”….Suddenly….my sister said to my Mom…..”MAMA…..What are you still waiting for….GET THOSE CRABS….hehe!….And so I got what I wanted….but thank God I asked them to join me in eating them^^

What a day!

I went to my doctor this morning for our yearly check up….I had a really funny experience while I was at the X-ray room….So I went inside and the attendant who is a girl by the way told me to change my “outfit”(I thought there’s no need to change coz I used to just have my dress on then turn my back and then snap)…..But the attendant told me to get inside a room where we could get the outfits…I was in a hurry coz I knew there were many patients waiting outside so I had to make it fast….She just said wear the apron…Oh gosh  my glasses got in the way so I took it out…I wasn’t reading what’s in the outfit so I just wore the one which hung on the left side…Then I opened the door and the attendant had a big smile on her face…”OMG…How could you Mam?”….”What did I do?”…”Why did you wear my outfit….that’s private?”….so I said….”OMG….Haha…No problem…stay there pls. and I’ll have your x-ray^^;”….At least I made her laugh coz I could see that she’s so serious at that time…

Oh what a day….I had my other med tests as well…I hope my creatinine would be ok?…I’m still waiting for the results…I’ve been really careful with what I eat lately so I think it was just ok^^;


We do experience lots of pressures in our lives….When it happens I always think about my friend’s reminder “to act with grace under pressure not pressure under grace”…hehe…

So what are some of those pressures?…Whenever I go to school there was this man who always ask me some unforgivable questions like…”Mam,did you get married already?”…Ofcourse he knows I haven’t…But I have to tell him politely….”No I haven’t”…”You should already…you know,  it’s better to have someone who would take care of you”…Well, thank God he didn’t say you’re getting old already hehe..

The next day…here we go again…the same man…”Mam, did you get married already?”…Oh my…that was his question a day before… gosh…as if I could marry for only a day!….That man really has given me lots of pressure huh!

Well I think it’s just up to the person if she will be happy or not…single or married…As for me, I enjoy being single right now…I think we should all find ways to make our lives better no matter what status we’re in…Though a co-teacher would always tease me…”Please follow this motto…Don’t die a virgin!”….Gosh! …I think pressures will never leave us in this world…

Love Makes Sense

OMG..I dreamed of Bae Yong Joon last night..You know this Korean actor? Oh must have been the result of my infatuation on everything that is Korean.

About this fascination, I really don’t know why..Well maybe because of what my friend Azure( who I really admire and like so much ) had said about synchronicity, and suddenly some things just crossed my mind ..Well he gave the right meaning to it and I have made my own explanations for it..Hope I make sense though.

One reason for my infatuation could be, like me, Koreans love using adverbs….. lovingly, hurriedly, passionately, Sollee( I ofcourse ), Dong Gun Lee, Mi Sook Lee, Hyori Lee, Young-Ae Lee……and all those Lee’s out there….And my friends think that I look like a Korean or maybe because my eyes had turned sleepy because of too much time spent in uploading Rain and Shin Min ah’s pictures, Korean songs etc., hehehe…

But kidding aside I know these things shall pass, like any other infatuation….but something really happened more importantly in between those browsing and uploading of Rain’s photos. I’m glad to have met people like Azure, Bill, Andy, Johnny Ong, Jean Chia, Nyte, NyteGoddess, Teamaster, Jo, Ronald Lee, Franx, and a lot more for they help me grow to a more mature individual that I am today..I love you my friends and you have a special place in my heart…
I saw this simple poem on myspace….

I wrote your name in a piece of paper,
but by accident I threw it away.

I wrote your name on my hand,
but it washed away,

I wrote your name in the sand,
but the waves whispered it away,

I wrote your name in my heart ,
and forever it will stay……..

New Contest at ZR5 Asian News

Friends I’m glad to invite all of you to join a fun contest at ZR5 Asian News created by my friend Mr. Andy ……

What is the Meaning of ZR5?

Written on January 8, 2008 – 12:33 am | by andy |

The Contest

Here is a fun contest to celebrate the New Year.

Does anyone know what ZR5 means or represents? Take a guess and you can win a great prize!!

How to Enter

There are many ways you can enter. You can enter as many times as you want and you can combine any or all ways of entering.

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The Truth

To be completely honest, I don’t even know what ZR5 means. When I bought the domain name,
I just liked it because it’s nice and short. The winner will be chosen
by me and I will pick the most creative and the one that fits this blog
the most.

The Drawing and the Prize

The drawing will be held on January 27th at 11am Eastern time. I guess now you want to know about the prize.

The prize is this wonderful Korean snack called ‘Homerun Ball’.
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