love is gold….

It’s been a while. ^^

Last night I was at a wedding…..a 50th golden wedding anniversary. My buddy’s parents renewed their vows and it really felt good to see couples like them who survived the tests of time.

“What’s your secret?”, the priest asked. “I just take it easy Father”, the husband said. “Does that mean you just let your wife do the talking and talking all the way when you fight?” the priest joked. “Could be Father”, the husband  answered. The priest turning to the wife…..”So your beloved husband just do the ‘giving and giving’ while you just ‘take and take’ haha!”  The wife lovingly said “my husband is a good provider…..he is very supportive to his family, to me and my children and even to his grandchilren…..and I am supportive of him as well”….” So you have  a give and take relationship right?”…..”Actually Father,” the wife said ,”we’ve been fooling each other for the past 50 yrs. “…..”I know”, the priest  replied…”Or  else you won’t “get tired” of each other for soooo many years haha!”  But then No, the priest suddenly became so serious….”this is for real now….I’ve been a priest for so many years and as far as I remember I’ve only had  officiated 5 golden wedding anniversaries….so I am really proud of you…you’ve made it this far”

It’s because they never get tired of each other….we do fall out of love with other things….but never with the ones we truly love….so happy anniversary….to our golden couple….Love, unselfish love is the key to a long and lasting marriage….

Our golden couple’s advice to our young couples out there….Never get tired of your partner….love him or her unselfishly… supportive of each other. Face life together with a smile, with hope, with LOVE….