It’s always there……

Just thought of comparing plants to us humans in some ways that I understand…

I love plants…I love taking care of them …Even if we only have a little space in our backyard to grow plants still I manage to grow some of them in pots….and it was so fulfilling…

When I was just a kid I tried to plant an apple seed at the back of our house coz my late Father would always tell me that whatever plant or seed you place under the ground it will surely grow…but then ofcourse he also told me that plants have certain characteristics that we should consider in order for them to survive….like how it will adapt to its climate, to its soil , to the quality of the plant itself etc….

Still I was so stubborn…I believed in what he said that whatever seed or plant you put into the soil it will surely grow…So I place an apple seed on the soil and observed it for days…Then something sprouted and I told myself that it was really a young apple tree… I told all members of my family not to cut it whatever happens but my brother told me that it isn’t an apple plant…He said we can never grow apple trees in our place because of our climate…apples only grow to places with cold climate… so he cut it much to my dismay…later on I realized that he was right coz how come I’ve never seen any of our  neighbors and our neighboring towns grow apples in their backyard…From then on I gave up in growing apples in our  backyard….

Plants are like us humans in a way….No matter how we try to blend with our surroundings, to adapt to other cultures in order to understand other people still we go back to the basics….Maybe some can change their whole persona and embrace the changes in them yet we can’t totally erase what’s inside us ….what’s inside us is permanent…it’s solid….it’s unbreakable…even if we deny it and claim that it’s no longer in us….in my humble opinion what or who we really are will haunt us for as long as we live….



Love that never gives up….

I was touched by a friend’s statement this morning when I read about how he felt when others are not feeling well…..Knowing there are still people who still feel bad when things don’t work well to other people would be just so inspiring…..

We live now in a world where people are confused because no one cares with what happens to other people…..We don’t even care of what other people would say about us…..Yes, everyone is doing this thing so I should do it too…..There’s nothing wrong with it……so you do something even if it is not right……What is good could not be differentiated from what is bad…..Instead we build clouds of confusion to people’s hearts that is why the world is getting smaller and we fail to see the goodness in our neighbor’s heart…..

We all have our ups and downs…..For now we are on top but tomorrow we might not be…..and vice versa…..but never never lose faith in loving our neighbor…..God said to love Him is to love our neighbor…..The only thing that we could do to love Him is to love our neighbor…..both should go together and this world will be a better place to live in…..

Life Goes On

Indeed, life goes on…whether you are in a state of happiness or sadness, it goes on and on and it moves fast beyond our grasp. We just watch things happen and unfold right before our eyes. So you have to be strong to go with the flow.

We must also accept the fact that some things are inevitable and happen for a reason. We might have some questions about them but then we will find answers when the right time comes .For now we just have to wait or maybe not. Maybe some of them are just as clear as water (forgive the metaphor) but we are just too innocent to understand.

My friends because of you I was able to move on, to make it through in this ever changing world…You my friends are the answers to some of my never ending questions in life .Life will continue because of your love to someone like me..