It’s Not My Way

Do you have a favorite song? If yes,what made you listen to it, or to them? Here are some of my reasons…….

I Love The Bands

I love the bands when they play,
They make me laugh and make me cry;
They make me sleep and keep me awake,
And how I love the feelings I get…….

Their music speak of harmony,
When they play the instruments, it’s a mystery!
From old to new, red to blue, they have the mastery;
How seducive they had been to me……

Seducive….Oh yes, they had seduced us in some nice ways…….but……. there was this unfortunate incident in my country a couple of years back. Men got into trouble….and I may say in big trouble by singing a certain song…….

A man was shot to death by one of his drinking buddies because he refused to pass the microphone to them while he was singing the song “My Way”…… He wanted to have “his way” so he was killed by his friend who wanted to have “his way” as well……

The men were intoxicated and were blinded by their self sufficiency or I would say selfishness and greed.

In the song “My Way” there were lines that go….”I did it my way”…..No my friends….It’s not always my way, your way or our ways…..It shouldn’t be……We need the Father to make our lives worthy and meaningful…..We need Him more than He needs us…It’s more of God’s way than My way…….


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