These past days I was thinking about those people who keep on coming to school just to share what they have to our children…..For the past years we have been blessed with so many gov’t and even non- governmental organizations who had given financial or moral support to our school children…..There were even those who just happen to visit the school only once yet had left something to remember for the kids….There are still so many good people on earth^^…..

Way back there was an old man who played Santa to our kids…..At first some of us even doubted his intention…..We do not even know the man and he offered his chocolates to all of us…..He even asked us to let him distribute the candies himself…..Yes, he wasn’t fake….the candies were fresh…..but still his intention to play Santa was doubted at first…..I just felt like no matter how good your intention is to help others or show goodness to them there are still people who would doubt and won’t easily believe those good intentions you might have….I remember someone who told me….”My father was a soldier…..He told me that I should always consider those people who I do not know yet as my enemy…..and always take extra care in my dealings with other people”….That’s how we look at other people at times isn’t it?….But the good intentions will never ever stop and will continue to pour in…..A retired principal came in a year later giving great books, maps, etc. to our school children…..Then the most giving of all is Sister Vicky….our catechist ….She is just so exceptional…..a living saint I guess…..She gives her heart to the kids… us…..She has a big big heart….She touches our hearts so that we could touch other people’s hearts as well…..That’s what makes her different from the rest……


Making A Difference

2587412ct2Some of us were born rich and some the opposite. Some of us grew up from ideal families but others did not. That’s just the way things are, the way they were, but we could make a difference as we walk through life.

So you look at the things around you and try to observe what is truly happening.

The rich becomes richer, the poor becomes poorer. Why? We haven’t really thought about making a difference and share the blessings given to us. We are too selfish, aren’t we?

If you have the means, the influence or power, don’t be too proud of that, rather be kind to the impoverished and the powerless. Help them realize their dreams so that just like you they could make a big difference in this world.

Like Butterflies

Seven years ago, I met a young man who I believed had shared a “little” of his life with me. A part which was “little” but was “much” in some ways.

Our meeting was actually not planned as other meetings should be but somehow it had its beginning and somewhere had its finality.

During that time that he was desperately looking for someone he could talk to, luckily I may say, he caught up with me and I became his short-lived confidante.

That short- lived moment when we talked was like seven years to me. At first I was taken aback by his straightforwardness but as we went on, I wasn’t surprised anymore.

He tried to control himself…but I heard him over the phone crying softly but continuously…I am not used to seeing or hearing a man cry like that. I thought I was dreaming but it was true. I felt his grief…But then I had to say goodbye while still trying to console him. I told him to call me if ever he will need a friend again but he did not do so. I know he won’t coz those tears were enough for him and for me…I know he had been healed…

Two days ago, I met another man who had the same problems as the young man I met seven years ago. But this time the man seemed more desperate, more in grief than the young man who cried. I guess it will take time, a much longer time for him to heal his wounds. His suffering was much deeper to be easily forgotten…

As a teacher I’ve met a lot of young people who are in great pain. We had tried to heal some of their grief but there are still so many of them which we can’t find the perfect solutions with…

Seven years ago, it was much easier than two days ago…I guess there are more and more people who become desperate and sick as time goes by…

If we remain indifferent to our young people and their desperate cries……they will be like butterflies, though they may always be around, still they cannot soar and fly high and will suddenly and eventually just disappear from our sight…


A Sentimental Journey

Hello…I’ve opened my blog today and I’m so glad that finally I’ll have the chance to share my thoughts to all of you.

I’m enthusiastic as anyone who gets the chance to do this kind of assignment for it’s kind of a sentimental journey so to speak to be able to share one’s experiences in life.

First assignment would be my thoughts about being able to meet people from all walks of life and from other parts of the globe. And since we call this world just a ” small world”, let me start by mentioning my cute young friends by the names of Bill Excellent, a young pretty lass with cute dimples from Vietnam and Andy C. of ZR5 Asian News, a young intelligent Korean blogger, and Johnny Ong, a Malaysian blogger of Life’s Happenings. These three people have one thing in common… “kindness”.. which comes naturally in them….

I felt so blessed to have met such wonderful people…they taught me this very important lesson…it’s not a loss in your part to be able to share what you have to other people…and make them feel accepted and loved no matter who they are and where they came from…