Aiming to love

It’s been a while^^…Lately I’ve been busy preparing for our coming NAT Exams for our six graders in school…and it’s not really an easy task because it’s like getting our pupils to review their old and new lessons alike and have them set their minds on  the importance of passing the NAT Exams….”You need to pass this exam guys so that you can claim  that you are deserving to go to the next level of your schooling 🙂 “….Even young kids need to prove something for themselves lol…yet I also tell them to accept failure if they failed but they should do their best to make it…

Though we’re busy with our school life:)  “whispers” I also have time to tweet and visit my FB every now and then lol!

I just noticed that more and more people are getting hooked on the internet..ehem ehem lol^^…because we love our  fave couple Robsten:)

I dunno why I got hooked on Robsten lol….Love can be addictive I guess 🙂

I remember watching Twilight for the first time a year ago I guess… from there I just loved Robsten’s chemistry….  and that’s it….Then I saw Kristen’s interviews on YT and Rob as well….and then the two of them together…. and saw love in them…true love…so until now I just love watching them celebrate their love together….I was just so glad that in Hollywood a young couple manage to stay true to themselves and have loved each other however difficult it might be to maintain a relationship in the entertainment world..

Robsten lives in a world where people are  hungrily craving for success and some lunatic fans as some haters  are trying to pull Robsten down….but  as some wonderful RK fans have said ….they can’t because RK aren’t hungry fame seekers and prefer to lead just a normal life as much as they can….I just hope other stars would be like RK because some stars would do anything even sell their souls just to make it in Hollywood….When Robsten will no longer be around in Hollywood I guess they could handle it….Those stars who got depressed when they’ve lost their shine  felt frustrated and depressed because they set higher standards for themselves…during their time all they wanted is to be rich and famous….which I believe is a dangerous thing to aim in life especially with Hollywood stars….Let’s just aim for what is right…aim for your happiness and love:)