We always give the best to the ones we love………..

They always say you can’t give what you do not have. Therefore in order for you to have something to offer to others you must have that “something to offer” in the first place.

What is that “something”? That “something”must be “special” or better yet “extra special” in a way to that person you consider giving it to. Another thing is it shouldn’t hurt or harm the other person. If it does then why would you let the other person down, why would you give them something you know isn’t good for them?

While serving others I found out that we only give what’s best for them. Like when I cook for my family I try to give food which could be healthy or beneficial for them. I don’t want them to get sick coz I care so much for them. That’s what I mean in giving the best we have to others… to the ones we love. We sacrifice a lot to offer only the best for them.

Giving them things that they truly need and not only things that they want coz at times there are things that they just want which could be harmful for them. Therefore the giver must know what we truly need rather than what we just want. Now it would be easier if the receiver want only things that she really needs!

In closing, just wanna say we become more fulfilled when we sacrifice ourselves to serve others. When we  listen hard to what they truly need. When we give our best to others all the time and to the ones we love…. they also learn in becoming selfless as well.



What a day!

I went to my doctor this morning for our yearly check up….I had a really funny experience while I was at the X-ray room….So I went inside and the attendant who is a girl by the way told me to change my “outfit”(I thought there’s no need to change coz I used to just have my dress on then turn my back and then snap)…..But the attendant told me to get inside a room where we could get the outfits…I was in a hurry coz I knew there were many patients waiting outside so I had to make it fast….She just said wear the apron…Oh gosh  my glasses got in the way so I took it out…I wasn’t reading what’s in the outfit so I just wore the one which hung on the left side…Then I opened the door and the attendant had a big smile on her face…”OMG…How could you Mam?”….”What did I do?”…”Why did you wear my outfit….that’s private?”….so I said….”OMG….Haha…No problem…stay there pls. and I’ll have your x-ray^^;”….At least I made her laugh coz I could see that she’s so serious at that time…

Oh what a day….I had my other med tests as well…I hope my creatinine would be ok?…I’m still waiting for the results…I’ve been really careful with what I eat lately so I think it was just ok^^;