etc. etc. ^_~

….I’ve been busy for the past month in school as well as in tweeting about Twilight and anything about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart :)….so I wasn’t able to update for a while….I even watched the movie Eclipse and probably watch the other 2 installments of Twilight in the future…Maybe that’s a major change in my life lol….going back to watching movies again^__~

Although busy with Robsten I’m also trying to keep up with the activities in school….and five days a week I try to do and finish all my work in school before I go home and accomplish my responsibilties back home as a good daughter to my mother and a sister to the rest of the family…I’m just living a simple and normal life as always….with a little “fan thing”(robsten lol) here and there…..having fun with co workers….etc^_~….and the learning process never ends….and it makes you a better person each day:)